Do You Squidoo?

I Squidoo, it is quite addictive.

Squidoo is one of those online revenue share writing sites and has been around for quite some time. Actually I only became moderately active in Squidoo about 6 months ago and have about 70 or so lenses published. Many lensmasters have well over 200, 300, and amazingly 400. I have no idea where they find the time.

At some point I will add a post explaining the ins and outs of Squidoo but for now I’ll just stick to 5 reasons why I like it and 3 things that bug me.

A couple notes first if you are not familiar with Squidoo, when you publish an article it is called a lens. That’s part of the fun and friendly nature of Squidoo, why call an article an article. Give it style. And hence, the author of the Lens is a Lensmaster.


5 Reasons I Like Squidoo –

  1. It is easy to navigate and learn your way around. They have a few tutorials and a FAQ listing which is helpful but I learned most of what I know by rolling up my sleeves and digging in.
  2. There is a requirement that you use at least 5 modules for each lens. These modules are the building blocks for your story and include items such as Text Boxes, Big Picture modules, Amazon and eBay modules for generating revenue, YouTube modules, plus Polls and Debate modules to encourage reader involvement.
  3. You can add HTML code to a number of the modules which really helps the appearance of you lens and allows you to add your own affiliate links from Amazon and any other site you associate with.
  4. I really love that so many Lensmasters are generous with their HTML knowledge and supply templates and descriptions of popular HTML layouts. This was huge for me as I am truly an HTML novice.
  5. You can earn money from Squidoo both from their revenue pool and from your affiliate links. For me, that’s 90% of the reason I am there, to help me build my online business.


3 Things That Bug Me about Squidoo

  1. Often their choices for “Lens of the Day” fall into what I call the “homey” category. The “Lens of the Day” means your lens is on the Squidoo Home Page. This is a great thing when it happens as it will add to your lens exposure and your lens ranking, which is one way you get paid.
    What I call homey” are the home-schooling stories, vacation stories, what my kid made in school stories, which are all great. Don’t get me wrong I love reading these lenses and many are enjoyable stories written very well by gifted Lensmasters but see I write for revenue and haven’t had much luck with my “Lens of the Day” choices making money.
    It is pretty cool to see your cherished lens on the Squidoo Home Page, kind of gives your ego a little boost. But in my case these lenses received many likes, comments, and product click-outs but not much in the way of purchases.
  2. I dislike having a lens locked, of course. The Squidoo staff will lock your lens meaning it is no longer published if they feel it is inappropriate or uses too much content found elsewhere on the web making it unoriginal. This has only happened to me once and I still don’t understand why. My lens was a Dual Debate asking the question “Do you take photos of restaurant food?”
    As you may recall this was a hot social topic awhile back and I thought it would drive traffic in. I referenced the news source where I heard the story and then asked the Squidoo public the same question. I guess the Squidoo powers that be didn’t care for that.
  3. The third thing that bugs me is that the site can be quirky. I always write my article in MS Word and Notepad first before entering it into the Squidoo modules as I have lost too much information because the Squidoo engines hick-up or are sleeping. When they awake my entry may be gone.

Overall I am truly a huge fan of Squidoo, it is fun, the Lens topics are vast, it allows me to write about virtually anything, and I can earn money. You will see as this blog grows that I will add a listing of my Squidoo lenses for your reading enjoyment. Should you venture over please leave me a comment or give my lens a like as you don’t need to be a Squidoo member to do so.

BTW – The lens I posted today is about Why I Joined the Tiffany Dow Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge, you can find it here

Go ahead, stop on by and let everyone know why you have joined this challenge.

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Marilyn T



  1. I am on Squidoo, Marilyn. I try to do one Lens per week. Which I haven’t done yet. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hi Marilyn

    That is really interesting! I have bought several Squidoo lenses from Tiffany in the past, but have just left them without developing them further. And I have intended time and again to build my own – but without taking action!!

    So – I’ll sign up with you and follow your tips for success with Squidoo.

    Great! Thank you Marilyn


  3. I love squidoo! I’m luvmyludwig on there if you want to connect. 🙂 Good luck in tiff’s challenge!

    • marilynt says:

      Hello Crystal!
      Wow you have been on Squidoo for 4 years and have some fabulous lenses, Thanks so much for checking out this post, I’m sure I’ll see you again around here.

  4. Okay shoot me straight is it worth the time and effect to create Squidoo lens and you have quick elevator pitch to try to sell me on it….

    Look forwarding to hear from you!


    • marilynt says:

      That’s easy, I’m a straight shooter – elevator door opens –
      Squidoo is worth it if you’re ready to write wth the WIIFM angle for your customers, try to put yourself in their shoes if you are trying to promote and sell products. If they can’t relate to your article, or if it doesn’t reach out and grab them then they won’t click on your links or worse they won’t even click on your story. That’s the pitch from the making money side, whereas many write without the purpose of promoting affiliate products and have quite a following. Do I recommend it? Yes, definitely but you will not get rich.
      Well here’s my floor, elevator door closes


  5. Nice to meet you Marilyn — I too am a Squidoo addict. And that is an odd reason for having a lens locked. I posted a poem once from the public domain and got snapped. But they forgave me quickly.

  6. I LOVE Squidoo. Now that I’m building my lenses back up, I have almost $500 for this month in a combo from Squidoo and the text links direct to Amazon I’m using on it. NICE! 😉

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