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goldfishOr Finding Motivation

Why have you chosen to leave a paying job and take matters into your own hands? If you don’t have a compelling list of reasons, you should make one right away. Truly, you should write it down so you can see it in print.

This is part 3 of a 5 part series.

When challenges arise and the road gets bumpy you’ll need a tangible sense of motivation. It’s important to remain mindful at all times of what drives you to succeed with your new work at home business.

Allow me to share what motivates me:

  • The fact that I detest working for bosses who take my work and ideas and present them in meetings with other executives, taking full credit for my work. You have probably experienced the same.
  • The fact that I wouldn’t trade anything to have a career where I can work at home in the pleasant company of my spectacular dog, Boomer.

I’ll bet you would love to have a career where you can work at home and be a fulltime mom and raising your own kids.

  • The fact that I’ll never have to suffer anxiety about asking for a raise from my boss again, because I control how much I’ll make this year.
  • The fact that I know if I want a day off to spend with my husband, I don’t have to “use a vacation day”. And I have the flexibility to take a few moments to walk the dog, get up and exercise, or go to the doctor on my terms because it’s there for me whenever I say it is.
  • The fact that I get personal satisfaction every day I wake up to some wonderful email from someone telling me how I’ve impacted their life for the better. I got two of these emails today and I love it.

This is like an instant reward, I don’t have to wait for an end of year review from a boss to see how I’m doing – I get personal feedback from my customers on a regularly!

motivatedI don’t know what will motivate you. It is a very personal discussion you need to have with yourself to develop this list of reasons, but make sure you do it. You may very well need to rely on it if your confidence wavers or you start second-guessing yourself as an entrepreneur.

And don’t worry everyone has those moments; they just don’t always talk about them.

Let me ask: What is your motivation?

See you on part 4!
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