iPage Review – Do You Have a Love – Hate Relationship with Your Web Hosting Company?

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How do you choose a webhost company?
Do you follow the crowd and go with the most popular or with a company that spends millions on provocative commercials? Personally, I don’t much care for their commercials – seems a bit 1970ish to me. But yes, I know it still works.

Or do you read webhost reviews and ratings to make your decision? Since you’re here, it would appear that you read reviews. Good, because I’d like to tell you about iPage.

Why I recommend iPage –

Reason #1 – 99% Up-Time

I have used iPage as my webhosting company for about two years now and I’m thrilled with their level of service and uptime percentage.

Ever experience your website losing the connection to your hosting company?
If you have then you know that it’s certainly not good news. Your website is no longer visible to the masses which means:

  • No visitors
  • No comments
  • No added subscribers
  • No revenue

Bottom line it means trouble.

I’ve heard stories of the frequent service interruptions for those whose sites were hosted by Hostgator and BlueHost. Not so long ago you may recall a BUSHEL of Hostgator hosted sites suffered a significant outage.

I’ve been an affiliate for Hostgator and even used their services for some time. Fortunately none of my sites were hosted by Hostgator when this outage occurred so I personally did not have to deal with the event. But many of the sites I visit on a regular basis were affected, actually they were shut down all day, some even longer.

Maybe your site was affected and you know firsthand – if so, my sympathies!

Contrarily during my time with iPage as my host, I have had very little trouble. Actually, (knock on wood) their services have only gone down momentarily during the last two years that I have been with them. I strongly recommend that you check out the iPage services.

Let me explain before I continue that I am also an affiliate for iPage and if you click any links on this page and sign up for services I will receive a nominal commission. It doesn’t affect your pricing – it’s how I pay the bills. Abiding by FTC rules and regulations, this is a clear disclaimer of my association as an iPage affiliate.



Reason #2 – Easy To Find Your Way Around

The layout of your Control Panel is very straight forward and easy to understand. Areas are divided out for website controls, email processes, domain monitoring, and account information. Each of these headings can also be navigated to through the use of tabs along the top of the page and there are shortcut links to common areas.

System settings are visible right on the home page for those interested in IP addresses, name servers, and such, as are links to your account information, and configuration.

Reason #3 – Plenty of Help

When I first started with iPage I was green, a pure novice – I hadn’t even installed WordPress to a site yet. But with the help of their written help guides and video tutorials I quickly learned my way around.

Plus when I did have questions contacting support was easy breezy and they were prompt in their response time. They even spoke in layman terms and were patient through my beginner questions, which was terrific for someone learning the ropes.

Additional notes about iPage –

Domain name fees are slightly more than through other providers but you can always buy one elsewhere and transfer it, which works seamlessly. I have done so both ways so as that I don’t rely on just one provider.

They have frequent introductory specials and right now you can sign up for just $1.99 per month CLICK HERE.

Here’s What You get With iPage –

  • Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth & Email Addresses information
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • FREE Security Suite Security Suite
  • FREE Site-Building Tools
  • FREE Online Store
  • FREE Search Engine & Marketing Credits
  • 24/7 network monitoring and 24/7 support via chat and email
    and much more

Sign up today!



Marilyn T 


  1. I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of iPage.

    How long have they been around?

    • Hi Bonnie,

      According to their website, more than 10 years. I found them when I was researching hosting companies – they had good reviews and a discounted price of something like $2.99 per month. Their current promos are even better at $1.99 or so per month. I truly have been very pleased with their service.

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