Could You Be A Professional Blogger?

professional bloggerI consider myself a professional blogger because it’s part of the work at home business I’m building. To my way of thinking there’s the personal blogger who talks about their hobbies or what their kids do each day. Sure it’s entertaining but it’s more just a social connection.

The professional blogger delivers information of substance to their readers, providing solutions or answers. But before I get carried away on that topic, let’s look at what it means to be a professional blogger.

Some people start looking for “blog jobs” online, yes there are real blog jobs out there and many people are finding great success with them. But be realistic. Just because you love to post on Facebook and maybe you hate your current 9-5 job and the commute, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to be hired as an official company blogger.

It’s true that more and more companies are realizing the value of having a social media presence online through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and others. They also realize that having a blogging audience is part of this social connection.

But you need to understand that when a company sets out to attract a blogger to represent their business online, they don’t want an amateur blogger. They want someone who understands the business side of blogging. They want a seasoned blogger, because when you’re a blogger, you’re building a brand – or destroying it, in some unfortunate cases.

If you believe this is a direction you may wish to go then by all means take a look at the professional blogger-for-hire jobs as it will help you see that you’ll need a pretty in-depth understanding of online marketing. Employers want you to deliver a certain number of blog posts per week, usually five, and sometimes they want you to go out and find guest blogging opportunities where you can blog elsewhere and link back to their main blog.

Trust me that’s a lot of work.

It’s not a good career for someone who is new to blogging and thinks it “might be fun.” It is enjoyable but usually the company will want to investigate the blogger to see what kind of current reach you have with your own content in the social media world. So like any job, you have to be prepared.

Now don’t feel dejected, there’s still a silver lining. If you’re already at a company that doesn’t have an online presence, then maybe you can suggest that they allow you to get the ball rolling. You can become a professional blogger in this way and introduce your company within the internet and social communities. It would be a great way to add value to your company as your posts bring customers in.

Plus this would give you a little experience so that you could then go out and brag about launching and generating a good bit of traffic for your current company.

Do you work for a company that could use your blogging talents?
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