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Have you heard of Color Cop?

I just found it yesterday as I was searching for a way to pinpoint hex color codes. What are hex color codes, you ask? Good question, I didn’t really know either but my WordPress theme uses them along with HTML color codes and I decided I wanted to know the difference.

Hex color codes, short for hexadecimal color codes are the HTML color codes that represent red, green, and blue and are written in six digits such as #RRGGBB. These hex codes are always 3 pairs of two digits such as #00FF00 for bright green or #101010, #303030, #686868 for various shades of gray. No not those shades of gray.

Now without getting all techie I just wanted to know where to find these colors and I stumbled upon a FREE program called Color Cop. Here’s what it looks like:

color cop












Just drag the eyedropper to any spot on your website or image on your screen and the hex color code will be identified with the RGB breakdown and copied to your clipboard.

This is great for when I see a color I want to use but have no idea what the correct HTML or hex code for it is. Such a huge time saver! Just select a color, drag the little dropper, and shazam you now have the code for WordPress.

Download is quick and easy and I have not found it to have any conflicts or issues operating. Enjoy!

To your success!
Marilyn T


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