Choosing a Rewarding Do-It-Yourself Blogging Career

blogging careerThe do-it-yourself route is far more rewarding when it comes to blogging. It’s something you can do anytime – anywhere – in the morning before work, on your lunch hour, after work, and on the weekends. From emails and comments I receive I see many who are doing just that and I applaud them.

When blogging becomes profitable, you can use it to replace your current income and begin blogging fulltime. When you choose this path, you have much more personal satisfaction in your do-it-yourself blogging career.

You’ll find that blogging is a professional business that can be very rewarding both personally and financially. But keep in mind, in order to become successful you must keep your eye on the fact that you’re starting a business and therefore you must treat it like a business from the very start. If you start blogging haphazardly your readers will recognize that it’s an amateur site. Trust me, been there – done that.

Yes, some will become fans anyway – but others want to know they’re following a leader in whatever niche you’ve chosen to blog about.

Have you thought about what you will blog about?

Even if you currently have a blog, you may wish to rework it or simply start new again. So let’s take a look at how you should pick a niche for your blog. I’m not talking about keywords and such, I’m talking about topics.

Some blogs have a multitude of topics – from entertainment to fashion to business to health. You can do that, but unless you have a team to support your efforts, it’s hard to maintain the momentum needed for a broad based blog like that. You need to come across knowledgeable on all these topics and that’s a tall order.

A better option is to narrow down your focus into something that you really love and know really well. It can still be broad – like a women’s health blog for example, but don’t try to include “everything” about women’s health.

Instead, drill it down more and go with one form of women’s health, like menopause or pregnancy. You don’t even need to be an expert in it because it’s all about sharing information – and as you learn, you share!whats your niche

One thing that’s important is that you want to be sure that you love whatever topic you’re blogging about. You should want to wake up every day, eager to get to your computer. You should have ideas just waiting to hit the keyboard. Personally, I keep a pad and pen next to the bed for ideas that pop out at 2:00 in the morning.

If you dread the niche topic because it bores you or it’s depressing, then you won’t help your readers and the blog won’t become profitable for you. And most importantly, it won’t be fun!

Then think about your overall slant – you know your personal touch – because you get to choose what each individual post on your blog will be about.  If you were blogging for a company they might tell you what to blog about each day and these topics could be quite mundane.

Find something where your personal touch can come through.

For example, let’s look at the diet niche. You could be a fad and trend following diet blogger who emphasizes fast weight loss through the current string of diet products or plans on the market.

Or you could be a blogger who harps on the fact that weight loss should be carried out by adopting a program of better nutrition and exercise so that the pounds come off slowly. Find whichever direction fits the real you.

You then pick the tone for the blog posts because they should not all be the same. Mix it up a bit from serious to fun based on the topic but always write like you’re actually talking to your audience.

When investigating these topics also consider their marketability. Will this be a large enough niche that you will attract followers and are there products to sell or promote. After all, if you’re building a do-it-yourself blogging business it will need to replace your current income.

Bottom-line: Make it something that resonates with you and it will resonate with your readers.

What is your focused niche topic?

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