Challenge Team Treasures

commentSharing Treasures from our Challenge Team

As I check out the posts of our fellow Tiffany Dow Challengers I try to leave a comment and let the blogger know I visited and actually read their blog. I hope you do the same.

A comment left by a visitor to one of my blog posts had me wondering if we do. This is an excerpt of the comment:  I find it ‘fascinating’ when I make the effort to visit many of the other blogs in the list building Challenge and leave a comment on their blog posts . . . the blogger does not pay the courtesy to reciprocate

I wonder sometimes if we’re all so focused on improving our blogs and businesses that we forget to acknowledge and actually check out the other bloggers hard work, possibly we’re just closet commenters.


These are just a few of the blog posts I enjoyed this last week.


Be Amazing!
Marilyn T


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