Paying Yourself and Choosing a Work at Home Business

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You Have No Salary Cap

How often did you ask for a raise when working your J-O-B?

How often did you get one?

Nobody is going to pay you as generously as you’ll pay yourself. With your own home business, you don’t have to worry about “making the grade” for your next raise or getting promoted to a new position. [Read more…]

Now for the Perks of Working from Home

I love my boss

You’re the Boss

Even with the drawbacks you read in the previous three posts, there are many reasons why this particular career choice is one of the most rewarding ones on the planet. I can’t even imagine going back to a job with a boss – it sends shivers up my spine.

art four of a five part series. [Read more…]

Owning Up When Working At Home

youYou Have to Take Total Responsibility for Your Own Results

There’s nobody to blame when business gets slow or when problems arise within your Work at Home Internet business. You can’t point your finger at the CEO, or the sales team or marketing department, or anyone else. [Read more…]

The Dark Side of Working from Home


work at homeThere’s No “Guaranteed” Paycheck

Really! When you take matters into your own hands and become a home business professional, it’s up to you to create your weekly cash flow. Does that sound scary?

Part two of a five part series.

It might feel like you’re free-falling without a safety net. [Read more…]

Are You Sure You Want To Work At Home?

work-life-homeA Series on the Facts about Building a Work at Home Internet Business –

Before making the transition to the home business lifestyle, you need to thoroughly examine the pros and cons of being your own boss. This is the first of a five-part series to help you consider if you really want the work-at-home life.

Like with most things there’s the good side and then there’s the bad side. Before you jump, let’s be sure your eyes are wide open. You see, when I started out I understood that it wouldn’t be an easy road but there are days when it can truly be a struggle. [Read more…]

Hello Friends!


Where did I go? Well I decided to clean things up and get the business ball moving. Like many I found myself trying to do too much at one time and as a result I wasn’t getting much of any good quality done. Then some words I heard the other day seemed to resonate loudly. “Pick something and learn it, master it, become an expert. It can be on anything, just stay focused.” [Read more…]

Liebster Blog Award Action

If you read my previous post you know that I was recently nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Ruth Clark. Thank you again Ruth for nominating me and for following my blog! If you have not met Ruth introduce yourself here at her blog.

You can read more about the Liebster Blog Award here. If you are reading as someone I nominated, welcome I hope you choose to accept.

So in accepting the nomination I offer my response – [Read more…]

Liebster Blog Award Nomination!

liebster-blog-awardWow what a day, I was recently nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Ruth Clark.

Now if you are fortunate enough to know Ruth you know that she is a true treasure, a very giving and comforting soul to have as a friend. I live many miles away from Ruth but through her blog and comments I feel I have come to know a fair deal about her and do not think she would mind me calling her a friend. She is someone I am very happy to have crossed paths with.

Thank you Ruth for nominating me and for following my blog! If you have not met Ruth introduce yourself here at her blog. For those who are here because I sent you a nomination please read and respond below. [Read more…]

With a Tear in My Eye the Challenge is Coming to an End

2013 targetWell you know I guess the old saying is true that time truly does fly when you’re having fun.

As you know I have been blogging for the last few weeks as part of the Tiffany Dow Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge and when complete we each should have at least 30 posts to our blog.

Well figuring that I was getting close I decided to count my total posts and low and behold I’m up to 39. Really I said to myself felt more like 29 but what do you know. [Read more…]

Are You a Morning Grouch or a Perky Princess?

morning grouchNot everyone gets out of bed in the morning easily and in a good mood.  Some can bounce out of bed eagerly anticipating the day and will talk your ear off if there’s anyone to listen.  Others groggily stagger out of bed reluctantly and you better not speak to them or they’ll bite your head off.

Which of these describes you?  Or do you fall somewhere in between?  Which would you rather be?  Typically, the person who bounds out of bed wide awake is the person who gets more done in the morning and is happier to do it.  This isn’t always true.  Some get just as much work done; it just takes them longer to get to it. [Read more…]