Should You Use the WordPress Full Screen Feature?

WordPress Wednesday

Today’s post is another in the WordPress Wednesday series that I pop into every so often and it may turn out to be a secret WordPress gem.

Were you aware that there’s a full screen editor within WordPress?

Most of us are familiar with the Visual and Text Editor tabs on the new page and new post screens, but were you aware that there is also a Full-Screen editor? It’s actually pretty well hidden so you may not have even noticed.

Let me show you where the button is for launching the Full-Screen Editor and then we’ll look at why you may want to consider using it. [Read more…]

5 Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Blog Secure

Tips to Keep Your Blog SecureHow safe is your blog from the dangers of hackers?

Have you taken the steps necessary to at least make it difficult for them to gain access?

Or is this something still etched in on your to-do list?

It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in creating your niche sites and adding great content to your blog that you overlook the quick and easy steps to help keep them secure. So do yourself a favor and make sure that at a minimum you take action with these 5 quick tips. [Read more…]

What You Should Place In Your WordPress Sidebar

sidebar widgetsYour WordPress sidebar possesses some prime real estate on your blog or niche website, so it’s interesting how many people seem to simply set it up with the standard default settings. Whether you utilize one or two sidebars I want to share with you what you really should place in your WordPress sidebar.

You may not agree with all of my recommendations and that’s okay. Sometimes what you place in this prime territory is limited by the theme you use, your blog/niche topic, and yes, your personal preference. After running through my list, leave me a comment or two to let me know if you agree or to tell me I have a couple screws loose. [Read more…]

3 WordPress Editing Tips You Need to Know

Wordpress WednesdayToday we make a visit to our WordPress Wednesday series and take a look at three WordPress editing tips. I love working with the WordPress platform as it’s so amazingly easy to use, it acts much like a word processing document, you don’t need to learn HTML code to use it (although it’s good to have a few of the basics down), and customization methods seem never ending.

Many people dive right into creating content in WordPress and don’t realize that they may be missing some of the slightly hidden editing features. So today I wish to bring to your attention a few WordPress tips to help with your editing and possibly even help you create your blog posts faster. [Read more…]

Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Should Use

top 10 wordpress pluginsWhen you first create a new website or blog you will find 3 or 4 plugins already installed just waiting for you to activate. Interestingly these are commonly not the WordPress plugins you should be using. Sure you may activate Jetpack, as it’s quite popular for bloggers because it makes for a great quick start bundle.

As you canvas the web and start visiting other blogs, you find that a whole new world of plugins crop up everywhere. If you’re like many bloggers, you’ll give the promising plugins a go and you’ll end up loving some and quickly deactivating and deleting others.

Before we get into my list of the Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Should be Using, allow me to give you a few tips about choosing WordPress plugins before you install and activate them. [Read more…]

Cleaning Up Your Blog or WordPress Site

cleaning wordpress siteI’m starting a new series here at Marilyn Thompson Solutions and cleaning up my WordPress site. Now that I think about it, you could call it spring cleaning, but it’s actually more than that.

The new series is called WordPress Wednesday and it starts today because well, it’s Wednesday. I’ve been analyzing my sites recently and probably doing more critiquing than is healthy but I think that every once in a while you need to take a step back and look from the outside in. [Read more…]

WordPress Plugin Begs Your Readers to Click

covert messengerHave you noticed anything new on my blog? Nope the colors didn’t change. Nope I didn’t change the layout. If you said “hey, there’s a new pop-up” then you’d be right.

I found a fabulous new plug-in that I absolutely had to purchase and let me tell you why. Normally when I get emails about products like this I might check them out but 99% of the time I click away and definitely don’t listen to their upsells or OTO. But this time was different.

Take a look down there in the lower right corner, that’s where you’ll see the new plugin. It is called Covert Messenger and you can check it out here without reading my review if you like. Covert Messenger Click Here [Read more…]

How to Use BackWPup to Back-up Your WordPress Blog

Backup-WordPressDo you back-up your WordPress blog? You know all those fabulous block posts and pages that you’ve skillfully crafted. It’s a very wise precaution because you never know when tragedy will strike and leave you high and dry.

There are back-up programs you can subscribe to or pay outright for but I’m all about finding great free products whenever possible. I use the free plugin BackWPup to save a copy of my blog and it’s pretty easy to set up. Now I must admit that I’ve been fortunate and not needed to try the restore process but if I did at least I’d have the back-up file to bring my site back to life.

In my last post, Flicker, Crack, Oh Crap – Zapped!  I recommended that you back-up your data and important computer files to external hard drives and/or USB [Read more…]

Flicker, Crack, Oh Crap – Zapped!

Computer-crashYou probably know the scenario. The weather is clear, it’s not snowing, there’s no torrential downpour, the winds aren’t even gusty, but the lights flicker for only a moment, you hear a loud cracking sound, and then oh crap, your computer goes zap. You sit there thinking – “What the heck was that?” [Read more…]

How to Set Up Your Contact Form with Captcha

When setting up your blog or website it is important to include the means for your reader to contact you, and other than a comments section below a post the best way to do this is naturally through your Contact page.

Now I understand that many find having to enter Captcha codes in order to submit a comment quite frustrating. I would tend to agree because you want to make leaving comments as easy as possible for your readers. You want them to leave many comments, so certainly don’t make it so difficult that they simply click away.

I do though strongly recommend setting up Captcha codes on your Contact page because it is a popular target for spammers and hacking robots. So presuming that you use the WordPress platform for your blog or website, today I’m going to help you set up that Captcha code on your Contact page. [Read more…]