WordPress Crash Course Review

WordPress WednesdayHello again, and welcome to another installment of WordPress Wednesday. I know many reading here probably understand the ins and outs of WordPress better than most but for those not so advanced, let me introduce to you what I feel is the best WordPress training course around. [Read more…]

3 Reasons to Work with HireWriters.com

hire writerAre you a writer? Are you a blogger? Do you find yourself needing more articles and blog posts than you have time to write?

Well, you’re certainly not alone. Many bloggers start out just fine, they’re inspired, the thoughts and ideas start flowing freely, the blog posts are streaming through, and all seems to be running well. [Read more…]

iPage Review – Do You Have a Love – Hate Relationship with Your Web Hosting Company?

callout-ipageiPage Webhost Review

How do you choose a webhost company?
Do you follow the crowd and go with the most popular or with a company that spends millions on provocative commercials? Personally, I don’t much care for their commercials – seems a bit 1970ish to me. But yes, I know it still works. [Read more…]

Bubblews Case Study #4

bubblewsHere it is Monday again, the day I said that I would report to you about my progress on Bubblews. I have been trying out Bubblews now for 19 days and as I mentioned in the earlier case studies, progress is slow in regards to making money. [Read more…]

Bubblews Case Study #3

bubblewsHere we are at week three in my Bubblews case study and look who is sitting in the #4 spot on the Google search for Bubblews! Woohoo! And for those reading that I’ve met through the TDFFB&LBC, look who is in the #7 position. [Read more…]

Bubblews Case Study #2

bubblewsHello again! This is week number two on Bubblews, well not quite; actually it has been five days since I started poking around but I decided I would report on my case study each Monday, so here we go. [Read more…]

Bubblews Case Study #1

bubblews I started with Bubblews May 9, 2013
but then after a few days of working on more serious ventures I forgot about it. On June 19, 2013 I was reminded of it and decided to post on a regular basis to see if I could earn any money. These days I’m looking at anything that brings me revenue – hmm, maybe that’s how I get distracted too. [Read more…]

Bubblews Review

bubblewsHave you heard of Bubblews?
I saw it mentioned in one of Tiffany Dow’s posts recently and remembered that I had signed up some time ago but had since forgotten about it. So today I visited again, posted a couple of new articles, looked around and decided I would really give it a shot. Presumably they have a payout system so why not try it out to see if it truly can make me some money. [Read more…]

Do You Squidoo?

I Squidoo, it is quite addictive.

Squidoo is one of those online revenue share writing sites and has been around for quite some time. Actually I only became moderately active in Squidoo about 6 months ago and have about 70 or so lenses published. Many lensmasters have well over 200, 300, and amazingly 400. I have no idea where they find the time.

At some point I will add a post explaining the ins and outs of Squidoo but for now I’ll just stick to 5 reasons why I like it and 3 things that bug me.

A couple notes first if you are not familiar with Squidoo, when you publish an article it is called a lens. That’s part of the fun and friendly nature of Squidoo, why call an article an article. Give it style. And hence, the author of the Lens is a Lensmaster.

squidoo [Read more…]

Zujava Review – Hot Read!

Zujava, have you heard of it?

If you love to write and want to earn extra income doing so then Zujava is for you.

Zujava is FREE to join and easy to learn, there are tutorials to guide you along the way and a great listing of FAQ. Zujava is somewhat new to the online revenue share writers’ arena but it will be one that will be around for the long haul and will grow rapidly in popularity. Why? Because it is a cool friendly site with an easy to understand interface and a loveable toucan mascot that just makes you smile.

Zujava is an entertaining writing platform where you show off your expertise, try out new writing styles, learn from others, and make extra money to put in your pockets or a back in your business.

Ready to Get Started on Zujava without Reading my Review? Create a Free Account on Zujava Now!

zujava logo

I started on Zujava only a couple months back and have published just 10 leaves so yes; I am but a newbie to Zujava. Let me tell you a bit about how it works.
[Read more…]