Power Suggest Pro an Essential Online Marketing Tool

power suggest proI’ve had a couple recommendations land in my email inbox for this tool from marketers I trust so I thought I’d check it out. I am so glad I did! This essential tool is Power Suggest Pro, maybe you’ve heard of it too. There are so many keyword tools on the market that my initial thought was that this was just going to be a rehashing of the same old tools. I figured I’d click off their sales page in moments but not at all, I was pleasantly surprised with the impressive Power Suggest Pro.

Power Suggest Pro is a game changer – a game changer that will save you hours of research time. I bought Power Suggest Pro and starting plugging in keyword ideas right away and OMG the results are amazing for drilling down niche markets, finding your audience pain points, and uncovering those buyer keyword phrases. Plus it pulled up content ideas I would never have thought of. Once you give it a try, those idea gears will start turning and your online business will be on fire.

No time to read my review of Power Suggest Pro? Then click here now! [Read more…]

Sports Clone Review

presenting sports cloneI received an email from Erica Stone the other day with this intro “Fully Loaded Amazon Site in Under Two Hours”. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it. It’s that type of intro or heading that just makes you want to click. Erica has a background in marketing and is very good at persuasion. In this email she was promoting a hot new product called “Sports Clone”.

The headline of her email took me back a moment as it was “Without Writing a Single Word . . .” Erica was really promoting a product for building Amazon sites without writing content? I was surprised. So I decided I needed to check this out and provide you with a quick review or possibly an evaluation is a better term. [Read more…]

VideoMakerFX Review with a Catch

VideoMakerFXCreating your own videos is all the rage and one of the hottest tools on the market right now is VideoMakerFX. VideoMakerFX was released mid-May and quickly started breaking records for total number of sales in JVZOO. I wrote a post about it moments after I bought VideoMakerFX because it’s quite an amazing video creation tool.

I honestly found it super easy to use and recommend adding it to your marketing toolbox, but with a catch. The catch and what makes this review different from all the rest is that I strongly praise the product but must admit that I requested a refund. [Read more…]

My Favorites for Hassle-Free Web Hosting

my favorite web hostingAs a blogger or online marketer you naturally need to select a web hosting service for storing the files of your WordPress site (presuming that you’re using WordPress). How did you go about making your choice?

If you’re like many people you followed an ad which influenced your choice. How’d that choice work out for you? [Read more…]

Create Professional Videos Easily

VideoMakerFXCreating professional videos to place on your blog or niche website is a highly effective method for connecting with your visitor. After all, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words and many people simply relate better to the visual approach.

Look at the growing success of YouTube and the effectiveness of Pinterest and I’m sure you’ll agree that pictures, images, and videos attract attention. So I decided I needed to kick my business up a notch. I need to find a way to be different, to stand out from the crowd, and I have found it. [Read more…]

Income Shops Review – Part 2

Hello there, did you enjoy the Income Shops Review – Part 1? If you missed it simply click here before reading Part 2, just be sure to come back.

To recap, IncomeShops is a complete storefront on your own website that you populate with virtual affiliate inventory [Read more…]

Income Shops Review – Part 1

I have been interested in the IncomeShops product for some time and I’m an affiliate for their program, but our relationship really took shape with one short email. The email asked a single little question “would you like a free store front?”

Well of course I was intrigued. I mean an Income Shops store given to me free. Tell me more! [Read more…]

Geeky Products I’m Putting on My Wish List

relaxOkay I know this post is a stretch for the mission of this here blog, but everyone needs to relax once in a while, don’t we? When I relax and put my feet up it’s often with an entertaining movie from Netflix or a classic on one of the old movie stations on cable, or listening to my favorite tunes while reading a good book. (This works wonders for nodding off if a glass of wine is involved).

Well I stumbled onto a few products that I’m putting on my wish list because they’re pretty dang awesome, in my opinion. Take a look – [Read more…]

WordPress Plugin Begs Your Readers to Click

covert messengerHave you noticed anything new on my blog? Nope the colors didn’t change. Nope I didn’t change the layout. If you said “hey, there’s a new pop-up” then you’d be right.

I found a fabulous new plug-in that I absolutely had to purchase and let me tell you why. Normally when I get emails about products like this I might check them out but 99% of the time I click away and definitely don’t listen to their upsells or OTO. But this time was different.

Take a look down there in the lower right corner, that’s where you’ll see the new plugin. It is called Covert Messenger and you can check it out here without reading my review if you like. Covert Messenger Click Here [Read more…]

Dragon Naturally Speaking – Is it Right for You?

dragon naturally speakingSpeech recognition software is not new; as a matter of fact current versions of the Windows operating system come bundled with free speech recognition software. So if there are free products available, why pay for Dragon Naturally Speaking? That’s an excellent question and the clichéd answer “you get what you pay for” is the best answer I can give. Maybe you’re wondering though why you would even need speech recognition software. Let me ask you a question – [Read more…]