Race Car Driver Determination

DeterminationYou’ve certainly heard many words of motivation before. Words like –

* You must have a determined focus
* Dreams come true with determination, dedication, and self-discipline
* Determined people can’t help but succeed

But what do those words really mean and how can you make them work for you.

Let’s start with a quote from Mario Andretti, which will be our lead into today’s glorious words of wisdom for motivating you toward online business success. [Read more…]

Do You Have a Determined Focus?

focusHere we are at day three of 2014. Most everyone makes a big deal out of the end of one year and the start of another, reflecting back on their successes or mistakes of the year behind. They then set about carving out a new plan for the year ahead with great gusto – at least on paper. They tend to be filled with a renewed hope for the days ahead.

I’m of a different mindset when I look at my life and my business. I tend to consider the changing year when needing to write the correct date on a check, which anymore with online banking, is not too often. I don’t look at it by setting resolutions. See I consider my plan a continual work in progress, day after day, as I continually learn more and more.

When I started this business I had ideas up the ying-yang, I had so many ideas of what I wanted to learn, of what I wanted to do and accomplish that I really ended up accomplishing very little. I did learn a lot but my direction had limited focus. I made plans, devised schedules, and created to-do lists, and yes I had successes, but I now realize that I was fluttering about in too many directions and not focusing well.

Today though, I have what I call a Determined Focus.

I definitely have plans for 2014, plans to rock my business and add a considerable contribution to our household income. Something I’ve not been able to do since being laid off and deciding to learn much for heading in a whole new direction. This is definitely a position quite foreign to me.

I’m a person of great ambition, not in the ways of greed but more in the light of determination and advancement – advancement of who I can become. So the details of my 2014 plan are simply an extension of last year’s plan but with restructured deadlines.

See that’s something I’m focusing on more in 2014 – deadlines. We all have dreams, desires, ambitions, but to really make those wishes goals we need to give them deadlines. We need to wrap our thoughts around them one at a time and go about accomplishing each with a determined focus.

Having a Determined Focus means you set a clear path with a clear vision and you take action now. You do not allow yourself to become sidetracked, become discouraged, or to allow failure. You move forward with personal acceptance and allow guidance from those you want to follow.

My ambitious plan for 2014 includes:

  • Making this site Marilyn Thompson Solutions a place where you find support and guidance for perking up your blogging and entrepreneurial efforts
  • Molding my Positively You Can site into a blog where readers are filled with encouragement, strength, and leadership for developing a positive mindset
  • Building three micro niche websites on topics I can remain interested in, instead of grasping after wishful money-making sites that peter away
  • Getting my Kindle books written, I have three areas of interest and it will happen this year
  • Strengthening my writing business through “for hire” services and my PLR store, and each of my ventures through a weekly newsletter

It will be a year of winning by maintaining a determined focus, it will be a year to celebrate, and it will be a year to help you rock 2014!

Come on, join me on this ride!
Marilyn Thompson