Three Non-Typical Book Recommendations for the Entrepreneur

My Uncharacteristic Book Recommendations Whether you’re running a store-front business or an online enterprise, when the success of that business falls on your shoulders, then you’re most definitely an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are a special breed. Some come from families who seem to have that spirit in their genetic make-up – others find it when they realize they have dreams and ambitions that simply keep them energized day after day.

To my way of thinking the definition of an entrepreneur is difficult to pinpoint. There are bigger than life entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and then there’s the quiet entrepreneur that goes nameless to the general public but has a very dedicated list of followers due to the service they provide. [Read more…]

Dreams on Target

cartoon-businessman-successAs I mentioned in a recent post titled “Do You Have a Determined Focus”- I have plans to rock 2014, plans to give my dreams deadlines to ensure that they actually do come true. See it’s a wonderful thing to have dreams and aspirations but that’s all they are if they don’t have deadlines for completion.

So today, right here, right now, I’m introducing a step in that direction.

Do you hear a drum roll? I think I hear a drum roll : ).

The title of this blog post is the title of my new newsletter – Dreams on Target and if you are fortunate enough to be a subscriber on my list you will find in your email inbox the first edition which was sent out yesterday. I will be sending out this newsletter once a week on Sundays if you would like to subscribe today you may do so at the bottom of this post. That would be really cool.

If you’re wondering how I came up with the title, I’ll first tell you it wasn’t easy. I brainstormed numerous names, ran through assorted synonyms, and scoured the web for ideas. It seemed to take hours. I went for a walk, talked to the dog, and then I thought about what my content would be, who I would be writing for, what was the purpose of the newsletter, and a light bulb went off.

My newsletter will be an extension of my two blogs, the blog you are reading now and my Positively You Can positive thinking blog. By using real life stories and events, I will expand on how they lend themselves to building online businesses. I’ll provide marketing insights and help give you direction for creating the business of your dreams, all while strengthening your positive mindset.

It’s going to be a fun read not some dry techie stuff, that’s not my style. By starting this newsletter I can be a bit more personable and write in a more relaxed style than I do in the blogs. It will also, I hope, allow me to get to know you better through your emailed comments. I’m excited about this new direction and I hope you will join me.

In a nutshell, Dreams on Target is about dialing in on where we’re headed with our online business, understanding our focus, fulfilling our dreams as successful entrepreneurs, and building our like-minded positive safety net all while staying on target.

Have you ever produced a weekly newsletter?

BTW: You really should sign up now.

~ Marilyn Thompson

Article Writing Submission Sites – A Writer’s Perspective

writing-for-moneyI’ve mentioned that in addition to my blogs and a couple niche websites I maintain, I also write articles for article submission sites. They don’t pay much per article but I figure it’s a great way to perfect my writing skills while blogging as their format is much different than blogging formats.

For the most part, the writing style they require is very rigid and orthodox, not open, friendly and inviting as I attempt to do with the blogs. I very much prefer the blog style of writing but the orthodox method keeps me on my toes.

I have had an ongoing arrangement working on a writing team with oDesk and we were recently informed that their client will be winding down orders soon and not have anything for us until after the first of the year. Yikes – really!

That news is certainly going to affect my income so I thought I’d better start investigating additional article submission sites to see what I can come up withas a replacement.

The good news is that I will have more time for maintaining my blogs, coming up with a plan for guest blogging, and get my freebies and book writing moving. The bad news is, well that’s pretty obvious – that bit of income is fading away so I need to replace it fairly quickly.

My article submission site mission –

So I’m going to be registering with a few sites and I will post my thoughts here about my journey. I’ll go through the requirements of registering, how the systems work, my likes and dislikes, and what kind of money I can be made.

oDeskSince I currently write for oDesk, let me tell you a bit about their system. After registering on the site, you set up your user profile stating a bit about your background, interests, and qualifications, and then you must pass the oDesk Readiness Test.

You then need to pass a series of proficiency tests regarding English grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and the like. Their scoring is pretty rigid so as to hire a skilled workforce, which means giving two or three wrong answers will mean failing the test. These tests are also timed which plays a role in your overall score.

When your account is approved you can start applying for jobs. You’re limited to just two job applications at one time to start with and this can increase by passing more tests and receiving positive feedback scores.

The dashboard is quite user friendly and easy to navigate. When working as a team member there are individual requirements aligning with the focus of that team. When applying for specific jobs you do so directly with the person posting the job. Payment for jobs is based on an hourly rate, the assignment, or a negotiated amount for a series of assignments. Payments to me have been prompt, correct, and the topics for the most part interesting.

On Second Thought –

u-turn-change-direction-arrow-signOkay, this is not such a good plan. That was quick wasn’t it? I didn’t even get this post published before I’m changing course. Let me tell you why.

I decided to check out a few of these sites while I was writing this post and oh my, what a bunch of trash. There are warning signs everywhere about poor payment. These are the sites I looked at: – I applied and will hear back within 24 hours. They appear to be one of the legit operations. The verdict is still out on this site.

ContentBlvd – They claim you can be paid $12 to $48 per article submitted, which makes me skeptical to start with, plus they come right out and say that they don’t use many of the articles submitted and currently have only 145 available. Reviews also state that it is near impossible to earn any kind of money – so leaving this one alone! – With Helium you select your topics to write about from the assignment dashboard, submit your article, and then wait for other writers to rate it. You also have to rate other writer’s articles in order to be paid and reviews state that the quality of writing is subpar. Scratch this off the list! – This is a site where writers submit articles and buyers browse articles to buy. If your article is selected you may get paid. It does not say how they measure how much an article is worth nor what your percentage is. So this is out because I like to know up front if I’m writing for free or not.

There are others I’m looking at but my main focus will continue be my blogs, websites, and other writings.

What have been your experiences working for article submission sites for pay?

comment now –

Marilyn T


Can You Stick To It?

success key in handDiligence

Diligence can mean a lot of things, but in this case it means your ability to complete your tasks from start to finish.

One reason some entrepreneurs fail is the fact that they get half an idea and then rush into the production phase of their business. That’s like putting the cart before the horse.

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What Do You See In Your Mind’s Eye?

visualizeCreate the Ability to Visualize

Visualization is one of the most important skills you’ll ever learn. This is the ability to create a vivid picture in your mind of what you want to accomplish, a picture of the way you want things to be.

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Do You Have What It Takes?

goldfishOr Finding Motivation

Why have you chosen to leave a paying job and take matters into your own hands? If you don’t have a compelling list of reasons, you should make one right away. Truly, you should write it down so you can see it in print.

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Building that Drive!

confidenceOr Having Confidence and Thinking Like the Little Train that Could

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe you can build that successful Internet business?

This is part 2 of a 5 part series.

First of all, you have to believe in yourself. It’s a cliché to say so at this point, but it’s the truth. If you can’t honestly see yourself as a success, you need to spend more time developing a strong self-image before moving forward. [Read more…]

Mindset Magic

changing_mindOr How to Get Your Mind in Order

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

Few people really understand the entrepreneurial mindset. Many people want to blame others and be victims of circumstance, but professional entrepreneurs are all about taking full responsibility. Full responsibility for their lives, their businesses, and making the right things happen for themselves.

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Even if You’re on the Right Track, You’ll Get Run Over if You Just Sit There

get out of bedHow did you get out of bed this morning?

Were you in a good mood, ready and eager to bounce out of bed? Or were you filed with doubt and uncertainty, not sure where to start or what you needed to accomplish today.

As someone working at home I hope you were energized and eager to get going. Sure it may be easier to get up and get going when you commute to a JOB and clock in at a designated time, but that’s not you. You are not one who mundanely goes through your day. [Read more…]

Is it Worth It to be an Entrepreneur?

If you’re like me then the answer is an emphatic YES!

I mean here I sit at my computer wearing jeans, I’ve showered but not fixed my hair, the dogs napping, and Rick Braun is playing in the background. I’m at the office working but the office is in my home and I am so happy to say that. [Read more…]