Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a joyous, wonderful, and festive Christmas full of laughs, love, and gratitude – with a bit of holiday cheer












I so want to learn to do this!

Wizards in Winter – Holdman Christmas


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Tips for Cloning Your WordPress Site with WP Twin

wptwinWhat you need to know before you begin.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I purchased WP Twin in order to clone my Work at Home Marilyn blog so that I could move it to my new Marilyn Thompson Solutions blog.

From all I had researched this process should take less than an hour, actually minutes many people said. What could go wrong : )

Let me make you aware of a very key requirement [Read more…]

Must-Read Considerations When Changing Your Blog Name

change-aheadAs I wrote in yesterday’s post, I have changed the name of my blog from Work at Home Marilyn to Marilyn Thompson Solutions so that it is more in line with my focus and direction. Plus I love the name because it has endless possibilities.

I still intend to revamp the appearance a bit by changing the layout of the theme or possibly switching to an entirely different theme. If you have any thoughts on what you like or don’t like here, I’d truly appreciate hearing about it in the comments area below – don’t worry I can take the good with the bad. [Read more…]

Presto, Changeo, Alakazam – Marilyn Thompson Solutions

magic hatToday, I introduce to you, my newly reworked blog. I know at this point, the layout doesn’t look much different but there is indeed one major change. Oh, you already noticed? Well yes, you are correct, I changed the name.

Work at Home Marilyn is now Marilyn Thompson Solutions

Pretty slick that the new site looks the same, has all the same content, including comments, and retained all the plugins and widgets, isn’t it. I’m a pretty good magician aren’t I. Well no, the magic lies in the WPTwin cloning software which is absolutely amazing. You can check it out HERE if you wish but I will be explaining more about this transition in my next post or two. You won’t want to miss it.

So why did I make this change?   

I had a bit of a talk with myself. I felt that I was struggling to connect with my audience and I couldn’t pinpoint why. Then it dawned on me. Who really cares that I work at home except me?

To you, my reader, it makes no difference where I work, right? I could be sitting in a 1000 SF apartment, a modest or fancy home, or in a dreary gray cubicle. To you, it makes no difference. What you want to see is content of interest. Content with which you can engage, connect with, and find helpful.

So with the help of a wise friend, who asked me what my elevator speech was, I re-found my focus. My response to her was:

Through my blog, I help people create new or better blogs by providing tips, examples, and tutorials so that they can build rewarding businesses.

None of that has anything to do with working at home so it was time for a new name – a name I can brand, my name, and my purpose. Thank you Bonnie!

With this new direction, you will find that I am passionate about helping you build fantastic blogs and websites. We will take a look at the ins and outs of WordPress, examine writing tips and tricks, investigate multiple avenues for growing our businesses, and I will help you find success and become the entrepreneur of your dreams.

I feel energized, on target, and ready to rock and roll this thing – you’re coming with me, right?

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Marilyn Thompson

30 Quirky Things You’re Dying to Know About Me

quirky questionsOkay maybe not dying to know, maybe just mildly interested, anyway here goes.




  1. I’m the second of four children with ages very far apart. Born in the month of July which means on the zodiac calendar, I’m a Cancer and the description fits me well
  2. Born in Seattle Washington and have lived within 30 miles of this beautiful city ever since. Love the gorgeous Pacific Northwest!
  3. I was quite a tom boy as a child, preferred blue jeans over dresses any day. Loved to roller skate as a kid and had a pair of homemade wooded stilts
  4. Played the saxophone in school and marched in the Roosevelt High School Marching Band, even marched in the Lilac Festival in Spokane WA – Over 90 degrees that day but what an experience.
  5. Was a bit of a cartoonist in high school, even drew the artwork used for the placemats at our senior luncheon
  6. I collect small rocks from places I visit – maybe it’s my way of keeping them with me
  7. We have two sizeable rocks, about 6 or 7 pounds each that sit on our fireplace hearth. One from Antarctica that my father-in-law brought home from his stay in Greenland, and one my husband brought home when he worked in Barrow, AK. The Arctic Circle rock sits on the north side of the hearth and the Antarctic rock sits on the south side.
  8. I enjoy quirks about the English language and how words are used – even wrote a Squidoo lens about it For example:
    “How far east can you go before you’re heading west?” Or “Can you get cornered in a round room?”
  9. I enjoy playing word games – my husband not so much, hmm wonder why : )- My husband enjoys playing Parcheesi – me not so much : )
  10. Have a fear of water, but we own a 24 foot boat
  11. Watched my husband pass out and fall back on the hospital bed as we were reviewing discharge papers after a heart incident. Time stood still as code blue calls rang out and medical staff came running. I still marvel about the timing as we were just moments from leaving. I‘m ever so grateful!
  12. I’ve been divorced once and married my best friend over 21 years ago – have a 29 year old stepson, we couldn’t have kids
  13. Always wanted to be an elementary school teacher but ran out of funds and ended up working full time instead of student teaching for free. Graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in child psychology
  14. Worked 38 years in a career I never planned and was laid off after reaching VP
  15. We were hobbyist wedding photographers before the day of digital cameras – no more, way too stressful
  16. Not an avid football fan but an ardent fan of our UW Huskies (ranked 15) and the Seattle Seahawks
  17. I had surgery and treatment for Breast cancer in 2010 and feel oh so lucky it was detected early
  18. I suffered with migraines for years until I was put on medication for high blood pressure. Seems it works like a charm for migraines as well
  19. I’m a passionate Barbra Streisand fan and saw her live in concert in 2010 – a dream come true!
  20. My favorite comedian is Lily Tomlin. Years ago our family had a dog named Buster – you may recall her Edith Ann character did too. We would play the routine on the stereo where she would whistle and call for her dog Buster – ours would go nuts around the room wondering who was calling him.
  21. Five years ago we adopted the most gorgeous and loveable tail wagging English Cocker Spaniel, he was then 7 years old. Know nothing of his past but he’s wonderfully trained.
  22. Enjoy woodworking although I haven’t touched any of it in a while
  23. I adore weeping cedar trees
  24. I enjoy cooking but adapt every recipe I try
  25. Grow a medium sized vegetable garden every year, and herbs throughout the year
  26. I like a hot breakfast but that often means the leftovers from dinner the night before
  27. I enjoy Chardonnay wine – J. Lohr is my favorite followed by Chateau Ste, Michele, and Kendall Jackson
  28. Visited Germany with my dad and husband and saw the home built by my great, great, great, great, great grandfather. Amazingly it has been in the family for 300 years until the current residents who knew of its history.
  29. Visited Christchurch New Zealand – my husband’s mother was from there, and his folks lived there for a time – a very beautiful area.
  30. I collect shot glasses from everywhere I have traveled and Santa Claus ornaments, figurines, and such at Christmas

What quirks would you like to share?

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Marilyn T