How to Test the Speed of Your Site

website speedNow I could simply take credit for this great information and call it my own but that wouldn’t be ethical and it would be a disservice to the true source. So I’ll come clean.

I received an email from Erica Stone this morning, maybe you did too as she has quite an extensive following especially for Amazon fans. She recommended a couple products as you might expect but also gave some great advice about checking the load speed of your site.

You’ve most likely heard that Google likes fast loading sites and you know so does the average visitor. [Read more…]

A Non-Techie Overview of Google Analytics Visitor Stats

Previously we took a look at how to set up a Google Analytics account and where to place the analytics code on your website or blog. Today let’s take a look at the visitor stats you can pick up on through Google Analytics main dashboard. This video simply touches the surface of all Google Analytics has to offer so you may wish to poke around with some of the additional training that Google has to offer.

So grab your notepad or simply log into your Google Analytics account and follow along – [Read more…]

How Do I Add the Google Analytics Code to My Blog?

Previously we took a look at how to set up a Google account and retrieve your Google Analytics code. If you have not done so yet, watch this video, grab your code, and then join us back here.

You saved your code to a notepad file, right? BTW – be sure to save that file on your hard drive or expansion drive not simply on your desktop. Those desktop files are basically temporary as they are not backed up when you back up your hard drives.

Now that you’re ready, let’s take a look at placing that code [Read more…]

Non-Techie Instructions for Setting Up Google Analytics

You’ve heard that you should have Google Analytics set up on your website, but you’re no techy, so you put it off. Well don’t be concerned, it’s really not that difficult and I’m going to help you.

Simply follow along with this step by step video tutorial, then if you still have questions, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to lend a hand.

If I can do this – you can do this! [Read more…]