Want to be a Guru?

Happy Friday BabyHello and happy Friday to you. In going through my email this morning I received an intriguing correspondence from Host Gator, maybe you did too. Their lead in stated simply “marilynthompsonsolutions.guru Can Be Your New Web Address”.

How about that -no hard work – no real effort at all – simply the cost of a new domain name – and I can become a guru

Somehow I don’t have much faith that you would believe I was a great and powerful guru simply by grabbing a new domain name. It’s something like a little girl dressing up like a princess so that she can imaginarily believe that she is. We as parents know that she’s our little princess but I’m pretty sure no country will honestly claim her as their royal princess. [Read more…]

Memorial Fab Friday Blog Share

memorial fab friday blog shareNow so that you don’t get the wrong idea, I doubt you will find this edition of the Fab Friday Blog Share memorial (although that would be pretty cool). Instead I wish to remind you to take time this Monday, Memorial Day in the United States to remember someone memorial to you and yours.

May they be friends, family, or simply acquaintances, take a moment to reflect on how they made your life better. Think about the joy [Read more…]

Grab Your Free Report In The Fab Friday Blog Share

fab friday free giftThe sun is out so I guess it put me in a giving mood this Friday as I have a free report by Dennis Becker that I would like to share with you – along with this week’s Fab Friday Blog Shares.

As online marketers you may have heard of Dennis who’s known as the 5buckguy because of his “5bucksaday” program. I worked through the program some time ago and found it to be a great resource for centering my focus. I probably should dig it out for rereading.
You can check out his program here. 
5 Bucks a Day [Read more…]

The Active Brain Fab Friday Blog Share

fab fridayHello and Happy Friday!

Today is 05/09/14 and yes I know you could figure that out on your own, so why do I mention it? Because I like to play with words and numbers, it’s just how my crazy little brain stays active or antagonizes me. If you add up the 5 and the 9 you get 14, or if you subtract the 9 from the 14 you get 5 or yes, if you subtract the 5 from the 14 you get 9.

See I told you my mind works in interesting ways. It tends to do so without much coercion. As I drive down the road especially when in traffic, I’ll add up the numbers on license plates down to a single denominator. It keeps my mind active and passes the time stuck in traffic. Give it a try sometime. [Read more…]

Fab Friday Blog Share Derby

fab friday blog share derbySeeing as how Churchill Downs will be the talk of the town tomorrow with the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, I thought I’d share a bit of Kentucky Derby trivia before my weekly blog shares. Now I’m not much of a horse racing fan as I’ve probably watched more movies about horses and horse racing than actual horse races.

You know movies like:

[Read more…]

Fab Friday Blog Post Share Time

Hello again and happy Friday!

How’s the weather where you are? Here in the lovely Pacific Northwest we’ve had a rather wet start to the year. The Seattle area has set new all-time above-average rainfall records for February, March, and now April.

  • February average: 3.5” – 2014: 6.11”
  • March average: 3.72” – 2014: 9.44”
  • April average: 2.71″   – 2014: 2.94″ so far

[Read more…]

Easter Fab Friday Blog Share

This weekend happens to be Easter weekend. For many families it’s a time of Easter egg hunts, dyeing eggs festive spring colors, eating the ears off chocolate rabbits, attending religious services, and spending time with family.

I’ll be spending Sunday with family and avoiding the chocolate rabbits and jelly bean eggs. I have vices to conquer but eating sweets is fortunately not one of them. I look at this weekend as a time to welcome spring as the daffodils and tulips are in full bloom and the backyard birds are again singing. [Read more…]

Quotable Fab Friday Blog Share

This Friday I thought we’d look at four notable quotes about making choices, since it is our choices that make us who we are. We make simple choices like choosing an entree on a menu, we make life choices as in who we choose to marry, and we definitely make business choices that may seem more like risks than simple choices.

making choices [Read more…]

Happy Fab Friday!

wedding-anniversaryToday April 4th is my wedding anniversary and I can happily say that I’ve been married to my best friend for 22 years. I’m so happy to be one of the lucky gals.

There are all kinds of superstitions concerning the weather on your wedding day to supposedly predict whether it will survive or not. Well ours must have been destined to last because we experienced rain, snow, thunder & lightning, and then sunshine as the ceremony started. What wonderful memories. [Read more…]

Just Another Friday

Today is March 26th – so I did a quick little search to find some tidbit of this day in history interesting events. Seems it’s not a big news day but did you know this:

  • 1866 – The first ambulance service began
  • 1922 – The first microfilm device was introduced (have you seen any microfilm lately?)
  • 1964 – A 9.2 earthquake rattled Prince William Sound, Alaska (my maternal grandmother was living in Anchorage at the time and shared many an unnerving story)
  • 1979 – Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island

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