Blog Success Forecaster Review

I discovered an interesting little program the other day and decided I would document using it as I went along so that I could share my impressions with you here. The name of the product is Blog Success Forecaster and as the name implies, its purpose is to help you determine if your blog will be a success.

No there’s no crystal ball or gypsy fortune teller that comes forward. Instead it’s more about helping you understand the necessary components of a successful blog.

The Blog Success Forecaster was created by Mary Jaksch. I wasn’t familiar with Mary but her bio credits her as an author, the owner of websites “Write to Done” and “Good Life Zen”, co-owner of A-List Blogger Club, holding a black belt in karate, and residing in New Zealand.

As Mary states in her Welcome letter, Blog Success Forecaster isn’t simply a product where you watch videos and read articles, you actually have to do something. Now I like that because the chances are good that this won’t simply be yet another item to fill space on your hard drive. [Read more…]

5 More Secrets You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

blog secretsWe return once again to continue our list of the secrets you should know before starting a blog. Blogging can play a vital role in driving traffic to your offline business and it can become a major component of your online business. It’s all about implementing tasks and features that work.

If you’ve been planning to start a blog and just haven’t taken action or you have a seasoned blog that needs resuscitating, these five tips will reveal the secrets for creating successful blogs. Are you ready? [Read more…]

5 Secrets You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

blog secretsSome say that creating a blog in 2014 is a waste of time, that the days of building a loyal blog following are done and gone. I say they have it all wrong. If they’ve given up on blogging maybe it’s because they don’t know the secrets to creating great blogs or maybe they just don’t understand the power of blogging.

Blogging is surely not dead and can be a very rewarding way to make money online or to boost exposure for your business. Starting a blog and yes, maintaining an existing blog can be an effective and rather inexpensive marketing tool.

Blogging is not for those waiting for the next get rich quick scheme to fall in their laps. Blogging is serious business. Whether you’re new to blogging or you’ve been at it for some time these five tips will unleash the secrets for creating successful blogs. So let’s get going! [Read more…]

The Search for Work at Home Dad Blogs

search for stay at home dad blogs
Being an online marketer and with today being Father’s Day, I got to wondering this morning how many Dad blogs you see on the net. Not so many that I’ve noticed. There are more and more Dads staying at home these days to take care of the kids and tend to the home than ever before. But I don’t think I’ve seen very many Stay at Home Dad blogs. Are they just not the blogging sort?

So I decided to go searching in Google [Read more…]

Basic Setup Tips for Struggling Online Marketers

Let’s start with a question that we all can answer, and be honest –

marketing disinterestHow many online marketing courses have you been a part of that leave you breathless with excitement, but then all to soon that excitement turns to disinterest and confusion?

That’s a common frustration for many who are trying to learn all they can and get up to speed in online marketing. [Read more…]

Do Exact Match Domains Matter Anymore?

question_mark_personYou’re about to build a new website, you’ve done your keyword research so you understand what topics to write about and what your reader is looking for, and it’s time to find that perfect domain name. Do you look at those keywords and try to come up with a combination that would be an exact match domain, or do you think it no longer matters.

In the past there was much emphasis on the importance of building a website using an exact match domain. For example [Read more…]

7 Ways to Kill Your Blog

blog keysboardHave you decided to become what I call a serious blogger, not simply someone who posts for fun about their daily lives and times? Not that there’s anything wrong with blogging simply for fun, it can be a great way to keep in touch and socialize with friends and family.

When you decide to become a serious blogger there are right things to do and naturally there are wrong things to do. I thought today we would take a look at a few of the wrong things to do so that you don’t fall into any of these traps.

My intention is to help you save your blog, [Read more…]