Building that Drive!

confidenceOr Having Confidence and Thinking Like the Little Train that Could

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe you can build that successful Internet business?

This is part 2 of a 5 part series.

First of all, you have to believe in yourself. It’s a cliché to say so at this point, but it’s the truth. If you can’t honestly see yourself as a success, you need to spend more time developing a strong self-image before moving forward.

There is no point going through the motions and putting forth the effort if you don’t honestly believe in your abilities.

Believing that you can do this is all important! It is what keeps me going forward with this journey. When I first got started I had much to learn, actually I still have much to learn and probably always will. That’s me, and that is why I love the path I have chosen.

I have the confidence to become a successful Internet marketer even though it means I have to leave my comfort zone once in a while. And I know you do to.


momentumYou have to get moving and stay in motion. This is the hardest part for many people.

Without a boss checking in on you every half hour, it’s up to you to get to your desk every day, even if it is only a 30 second walk.

You need to stay focused until your task list is completed. You need the inner strength to make yourself meet deadlines and keep pushing to the next milestone.

Can you do it?

I’ll admit there are days when I have difficulty, we all have them. But I know when I’ve put enough time into my business for now, and I can afford to take a lazy day if I want one. The key is to make sure to limit those lazy days.

You also have to create your own sense of emotional momentum and that can be the truly difficult part. Even when things seem slow on the outside, it’s crucial that you remain enthusiastic and always moving toward the big picture.

Take a look at this picture below:








This is the kind of bridge you have to build toward your own success. Only there won’t be three other people helping you along. You’ll be your team. You’ll be the one who has to rally the troops (you) and inspire yourself to pick up the pace and work toward your goal.

Sorry, I haven’t learned how to clone yourself for productivity.

So – How do you maintain the drive, confidence, and momentum? 

See you on part 3!
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