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bubblewsHave you heard of Bubblews?
I saw it mentioned in one of Tiffany Dow’s posts recently and remembered that I had signed up some time ago but had since forgotten about it. So today I visited again, posted a couple of new articles, looked around and decided I would really give it a shot. Presumably they have a payout system so why not try it out to see if it truly can make me some money.

Registration is free and there’s a “How It Works” section to help you get started. Want to check it out before reading my review, you can do so by clicking here.

In this post I’ll give a brief review and in the upcoming Bubblews Case Studies I will to let you know if I am making any money and if I have learned any new tricks for making better posts and of course, making money. Do you see a pattern here? Yep, I’m hoping it will make me a bit more than pocket change.

The Bubblews payout revenue model is pretty basic; it splits their ad revenue 50/50 with each author. Writers get paid for every like or dislike, every view, and comment posted to their article. So to me it looks like the more exposure you get, the more money you make. In a nutshell, Bubblews is a social sharing website that pays their members small amounts when they get a nod from the community.

Bubblews breaks the steps down as:
1. Register (Bubblews)
2. Adjust Your Preferences (set your profile and payment info)
3. Write and Submit (post articles covering 15 categories)
4. Spread the Word (get social and add to your blogs)
5. Get Paid ($$$) * revised minimum payout level for 2014 is $50
6. Make Your Name (build your herd)

The homepage shows the New Bubblews Stream which is a listing of the “hot off the press” articles and the Week’s Top Bubblews based on Likes and Views. The number of likes and dislikes are visible for each article noted on the home page.

BTW – I have no idea why it is spelled with the “ws” at the end, if you do please let us know in the comments below. I can make all kinds of guesses like “Word Stream” or “With Soap” but that’s silly now isn’t it.


Marilyn T



  1. That would certainly makes sense.
    Thanks for the visit!

  2. I read that it is a mixture of bubble and news.

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