Bubblews Case Study #4

bubblewsHere it is Monday again, the day I said that I would report to you about my progress on Bubblews. I have been trying out Bubblews now for 19 days and as I mentioned in the earlier case studies, progress is slow in regards to making money.

I have been checking an assortment of posts around Bubblews and see a common thread as far as getting views. If you post about troubles with Bubblews, payments from Bubblews or something about the number of views and connections, then your view counts jump sizably.

That’s not my style although you bet I’ll post a story about requesting my first payment because, well because I can see it will clearly get views and increase my payment cycle. And if I have difficulties with payments, sure I’ll post about that too.

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As you read in my case study #3, my case study #2 was in the fourth position when searched on Google, pretty cool. I don’t know if it is driving traffic anywhere but today my post is in the fifth position on the Google search page. I find it interesting that it’s not the review post.

Over the last week I decided to post about two subjects, mostly because it’s easier and faster, and also because people like to read about food. On Mondays I post Meatless Monday recipes and on Fridays, I post Fun Food recipes.

Then because it can be rather time consuming, I check out the other posts and bubbles in the evenings, giving them a few likes and comments. This way Bubblews does not interfere with my normal working hours and can make me a dime or two.

If you’d like to read my foodie posts, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

So let’s take a look at my current stats. It is now roughly 2PM on day 19 –














That’s an increase of $2.59 in seven days or $0.50 per day over 19 days. Certainly not a revenue maker but Bubblews is a fun place to hang out and if it occasional brings in $25 or so then I’m happy.

At this rate, unless I pick up my posting, I’ll hit my $25 minimum redemption mark about 30 days from now. I’m sure I can figure out a time saving way to bump that up.

Have some fun along with me, sign up here.


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