Bubblews Case Study #3

bubblewsHere we are at week three in my Bubblews case study and look who is sitting in the #4 spot on the Google search for Bubblews! Woohoo! And for those reading that I’ve met through the TDFFB&LBC, look who is in the #7 position.























If you are just joining, I started becoming semi-active in Bubblews about three weeks ago and decided to see if I could really make any money with the site. I say semi-active because many people post prolifically, I mean many short articles each day and I well, I don’t have that kind of time.

So today is Monday, July 1st, roughly 12 days since I joined Bubblews. BTW – tomorrow is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me : ).

I have found Bubblews to be a fun and entertaining site and one that I will continue with but no, it will not pay the bills. Instead it is a social avenue that over time will bring a few dollars.

If you’d like to join us at Bubblews CLICK HERE

So let’s jump right into my stats as of this morning –














Up $1.39 since last Monday, so as I mentioned it’s not ground breaking revenue here. My total views are increasing and I’m trying out posting recipes for Meatless Mondays to see if they get any activity. If you would like to read my posts, I go by the name WriterM.

I’ll post case study #4 next Monday to see how things are progressing, so until then, drop me a comment below and if you’re interested in signing up for free you can do so here.

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