Bubblews Case Study #2

bubblewsHello again! This is week number two on Bubblews, well not quite; actually it has been five days since I started poking around but I decided I would report on my case study each Monday, so here we go.

Have you taken a look at Bubblews yet? You can do so here if you like but be sure to come back to read my case study.

In the week that I have been working my way around Bubblews, I find it to be an interesting site unlike any other I have found. It is a bit like a cross between Twitter, Facebook, and plain old texting. The members and their writings are quite diverse. There are those that write well, with great thought and style, and then there are those that post just about anything that comes to mind. Grammar and spelling, tow strong points with me seem to be unimportant to far too many. Bubblews is a very international site as members are logged from around the world.

During this last week I posted five articles, which you can read here if you like:
Cool Summer Jobs You Can Try
Tasty Tequila Lime Chicken and Black Bean Burritos
Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Does It Work?
I Love Caesar Salad
Article Duplication
Have You Ever Had a Pet That Needed Surgery?
Ants on a Log

I quickly see that I am posting nowhere near enough articles so I will schedule out sometime to write a number of articles that I will post over a span of a few hours. I have discovered that it works best for attracting readers, to post one maybe two at a time and then post again after a few hours or the next day.

It is important to be social, to be active in the Bubblews community and read the various article and leave genuine comments. It is also important to “like” articles and “connect” with those who leave posts you would like to follow.

So now we come to the money point, after all my case study is to determine if I can really earn any money through Bubblews.

These are my stats at this point:

bubblews earnings 2













Up $2.26 since last Wednesday, so at this point certainly not anything to get excited about. Somehow I need to find topics that get more views as these 395 total views is only going to bring in pocket change.  So I’ll post case study #3 next Monday to see what kind of progress I have made. If you like, drop me a comments below and if you’re interested in signing up for free you can do so here.

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