Bubblews Case Study #1

bubblews I started with Bubblews May 9, 2013
but then after a few days of working on more serious ventures I forgot about it. On June 19, 2013 I was reminded of it and decided to post on a regular basis to see if I could earn any money. These days I’m looking at anything that brings me revenue – hmm, maybe that’s how I get distracted too.

Anyway back to Bubblews. Bubblews pays out based on the number of likes/dislikes your articles have, how many times they have been viewed, and the number of comments they receive. What I’ll list here are those states and the amount of money I earn. Wish me luck!

Today is June 19th, I tried to log onto Bubblews and forgot my password, never happens right? Ok, new password set and I log in, it is about 1:30 in the afternoon and I go to my profile page to familiarize myself with what I had posted previously and to take a look around once again. Just for kicks I thought I’d check “The Bank”, that’s where they display the total of any money earned. Low and behold, I had a balance of $2.62. Wow, really, I made money and really didn’t do much of anything. I know it’s not much but that’s already more than some months on Squidoo.

So I posted two articles, you can read them here:
Tasty Tequila Lime Chicken and Black Bean Burrito Bowls
Cool Summer Jobs You Can Try

Comments came in quickly, maybe one or two but almost immediately after posting, which tells me that there is a pretty active user base on Bubblews. After reading a few articles and one on how to increase visits and earnings, I thought what the heck let’s take a look at “The Bank” again. Much to my surprise, my new total is $3.32! I know it’s not much but it is an immediate return.

These are my stats at this point:

bubblews 061913










I’m liking this!

I intend to stay active in Bubblews over the next weeks and will report back here on my blog to let you know how it’s going. Feel free to wish me luck in the comments below and if you’re interested in signing up for free you can do so here.


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