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Good Day to you, Good Day to you,

Today I’m unveiling my free gift just for you. It’s a 29-page e-book written by yours truly titled “Blogging for Money – what you need to know”. Now I understand that some people are not interested in monetizing their blog, they may simply blog for fun and enjoyment.

But for those who use their blog as part of a business venture, they are certainly interested in monetizing their blog. Whether it’s to promote your other websites or you have a brick and mortar business to endorse, your blog plays an important role.

The idea for this e-book came from a series of posts I was planning to write, but I decided the information would be of more use to you as a free e-book that you could save digitally or print and refer back to upon occasion. The first post in the intended series was “Do You Know Why You Blog? I Mean Really Know… You can read it again by following the link but it’s also reworked a bit as the first chapter of the e-book.

I know you’re dying to know what’s included in the e-book – so, here you go –

Six information packed chapters to help you:

–        Get faster success by knowing why you’re blogging

–        Put your blog to work making money

–        Get more people commenting on your blog

–        Make your all-important list grow

–        Do yourself a favor by getting help blogging

At the end of each chapter are two action steps to help you take action sooner rather than later because well, that’s the only way your blog will start bringing home a paycheck.

To get your copy today, simply fill out the form below or over there on the right. You will then be directed to an easy download page for your free e-book. Enjoy!

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Marilyn T


  1. I appreciate the information. Thank you so much for doing this.

    Missy Bell

    • Hello Misty,
      You are very welcome.
      BTW – if you haven’t read yet, I mentioned your Where the Ghosts live site in Fab Friday Blog Share #17


  2. Awesome Marilyn! I just downloaded it and will read it over the weekend. I know it will be good. Thank you!

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