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I discovered an interesting little program the other day and decided I would document using it as I went along so that I could share my impressions with you here. The name of the product is Blog Success Forecaster and as the name implies, its purpose is to help you determine if your blog will be a success.

No there’s no crystal ball or gypsy fortune teller that comes forward. Instead it’s more about helping you understand the necessary components of a successful blog.

The Blog Success Forecaster was created by Mary Jaksch. I wasn’t familiar with Mary but her bio credits her as an author, the owner of websites “Write to Done” and “Good Life Zen”, co-owner of A-List Blogger Club, holding a black belt in karate, and residing in New Zealand.

As Mary states in her Welcome letter, Blog Success Forecaster isn’t simply a product where you watch videos and read articles, you actually have to do something. Now I like that because the chances are good that this won’t simply be yet another item to fill space on your hard drive.

The program consists of 5 modules after the welcome article starting with an orientation.


The orientation module basically explains more about the product, its purpose, why many bloggers fail, and outlines the 5 basic tests you will run through to reveal if your blog topic stands a chance of being successful. These cover questions about audience size, having enough to write about, the fluidness and monetization opportunity and trend of your topic. Each of these modules takes about 10 minutes to run through.

Module 1: Potential Audience

This module helps you determine if there is a large enough audience interested in the topic of your blog. You may be absolutely passionate about the topic but if not many others are attracted, you’ll ultimately end up with too small of an audience.

For example, we know there is a large audience for kids toys or say toddlers toys, but probably not so many for a niche focused simply on balls that bounce. I’ve not done any actual research but I’m fairly certain.

To assess the potential size of your blog Mary provides testing criteria too determine if your niche is too wide or too narrow.

Module 2: Potential Content

Module two takes a look at the probability that your content will have longevity, meaning that you can create posts for the long term. A successful blog must have enough viable content that will hold the interests of its readers over time.

To help you make that determination, or as she says discover if you have the glue to form a tribe you simply respond to five “yes or no” questions.

Module 3: Potential Competition

This module lets you identify whether the competition in your blog niche is too much, too little, or just right. A successful blog needs the perfect balance of competition. There are many topics saturated by the big dogs so find out sooner rather than later if your blog falls into that category.

Module 4: Potential Trends

Module four helps you to identify if your blog topic has that enduring appeal. Your blog’s success depends on whether your chosen niche is trending up or down. You’ll be using Google Trends to run this test in order to build a successful blog over the long term. Mary breaks down her assessment of the query numbers that leadto success.

This is an example using the topic “how to blog” –

related searches

Module 5: Potential Monetization

Now if you’re like many bloggers, you want to earn money with your blog, possibly a full time income. Mary’s program goes over the six areas that are particularly easy to monetize on the Internet to help you find a find a way to include them in the topic of your blog.
As you may have surmised, these six topics all include with markets with urgent needs or strong desire.

In the final module you’ll uncover what else you need to become a successful blogger. By completing Blog Success Forecaster you will have a clear sign that you are heading for success.

The program is good for beginners or those still struggling who could use a refresher course to get back on track. It can be completed in less than 30 minutes and the cost is only $7. If you are interested in beefing up the success potential of your blog, it’s a wise investment.

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