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Can you believe it’s already the end of February? My how the days march by – sorry, bad pun but I couldn’t help myself. Do you use the Aweber autoresponder service? What is up with their service this week? I understand they’re changing their servers, IP addresses, and such but I sure hope they work it out soon because service has been rather hit and miss lately.

Seems the opt-in box over there to the right and usually below each post is playing the “now you see it – now you don’t trick”. Frustrating.

I found some great blogs this week for my Fab Friday Blog Share that I think you will enjoy and then a bit of entertainment to help you settle back with a chuckle or two.

Please enjoy –

1. Are you marketing or building a brand?
The Key Differences Between Marketing and Branding

2. This is fairly technical but an interesting look at how Facebook ranks and promotes your posts – What is EdgeRank?

3. This is so cool, you’ll love it – Create Beautiful Quote Graphics – Easy & Free

4. A humorous look at how we communicate – Talkin’ Bout My Generation: What Your Communication Style Says About You

5. A very lengthy article that is a bit dated but still full of information – How to Make Money with a Blog

Now for this Week’s Entertainment

A bit of hilarity as – Cher visits the Carol Burnett Show

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