Blog Ping Test Results – Week Two

trafficThe results of week two will be much easier (I hope) for others to understand than last week’s post on the results to my week one experiment. Last week I wished to explain about the emergence of my new site and how the results combined the old and new websites. I am now only looking at the results for the new site, Marilyn Thompson Solutions.

Week Two Results

This week I intended to use Bulk Ping but it appears they no longer exist. So I set out to find another service. I looked into Ping-o-matic, which I’ve heard many recommend but when I tried to access their site this is the message I received –

“You are too awesome for Ping-o-matic”

Not sure where they gathered their data, but uplifting I suppose.

So I ended up using Pingoat for my testing and posted a video about using it last Tuesday. Here are the results –

1. How easy they were to use –

Pingoat is very easy to use and submits to a variety of sites. The communication process took roughly two minutes for the results to be processed and it successfully submitted to an average of 60 search engines.

2. Were there any problems with my site or computer as a result –

Yes. Much to my surprise, using Pingoat increased the number of spam comments my blog received – so much so that I stopped using their services last Wednesday.

3. Did they have reporting functions –

No reporting functions to speak of, simply a listing of the search engines pinged and the success or fail ratio.

4. The results for days 12/2 through 12/8 –

Total traffic for week two test =

71 total visits (39 new & 32 returning) and five blog posts –

This is an increase of 15 visits and 13 new visitors which looks promising but I do attribute some of the new traffic to the increased spam comments. The good news regarding the spam is that it was coming predominantly from five main locations using different web addresses.

5. Conclusion –

I do not recommend using Pingoat and if you have started, please stop unless your results are more positive than mine. I did not have an increase in spam when I used Google Ping during week one.

For week three, I will switch to using Pingler and will post a video on using Pingler tomorrow. Then next Monday I will post the results for week three compared to weeks one and two – Hope to see you then and in between.

Comment Now –

Marilyn T


  1. Thanks for your report this week.

  2. The increase in spam is what holds me back from using services like this. I will be watching to see how it goes for you for the long haul.

  3. Thanks for the info! I’ve never done much pinging of my posts or anything in the past, but maybe it is something I need to look into more. I’ll follow this series of posts and see what I can learn!



    • Hi Michael,
      I hadn’t done so either before as I knew WordPress sent out pings with each post, but I’ve read that so many people use these services or add pinging plugins, so why not try it. : )

      Thanks for visiting!

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