Blog Ping Test Results – Week Three

trafficHere we are at week three, the final week of my blog pinging experiment.

Again this week I’m only looking at the results for the new site, Marilyn Thompson Solutions.

Week Two Results

This week I used the services of Pingler to ping my blog posts partially because it is highly rated and has a fair social media following. I used Pingler’s free pinging service, but they do have a WordPress plugin that you could install on your site for automatic pinging.

Pingler also has more to offer than just the ping service. They host a blog, forum, help desk, and supply free SEO tools such as Keyword Extractor and the Keyword Suggestion Generator that sound intriguing for gathering information from sites I wish to spy on – ‘uh learn from.

So here are the ping and traffic results for week three –

1. How easy they were to use –

Pingler was super easy to use and submits to a variety of sites. The communication process took roughly two minutes for the results to be processed and on average it submitted to 94 search engines 99% success rate. There is no explanation as to why a ping failed.

2. Were there any problems with my site or computer as a result –

No problems detected by using Pingler and there was no increase in spam traffic.

3. Did they have reporting functions –

Yes there are reporting functions as each ping submission report can be emailed to you should you wish to take a closer look at the results.

4. The results –

Total traffic for week three test 12/9 – 12/15 =

89 total visits (62 new & 27 returning) and four blog posts –

This is an increase of 18 visits in one week and 23 new visitors which is encouraging even though some was spam traffic. I put additional steps in place to blog the repeating spam sources which has appeared to silence them.

5. Conclusion –

I believe if you wish to use added ping services than Pingler is a fine choice since it created no problems, added traffic, and has the additional SEO tools.

In summing up my little experiment, I encourage you to stay away from Pingoat but found Pingler and Google Ping to be of adequate value. That being said though, I didn’t see a significant increase in traffic so I’ll only continue to ping blog posts on an occasional basis.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these pinging services.

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Marilyn T


  1. Hi Marilyn,

    I have no idea what pinging a blog does, so better go investigate (even though I have come across the term before many times). You results are encouraging, so I will look at Pingler and see how I can bring it into my blogging practices.

    Best wishes,


  2. I am curious of the same thing with Jan. I’d love it if you kept reporting on a regular basis. One week with an 18 increase is great, but could that be a fluke? I hope you keep sharing more stats!

  3. It would be interesting to see what results you get on an ongoing basis Marilyn. Like everything else online, it takes time to build up momentum. Although whether it’s a good use of time is a whole othr question!

    • Hi Jan and misty,

      I agree that it’s far too soon to really tell if the ping services pulled in more traffic and how much of it was spam. I’ve taken measures to blog a few recurring spam sites and hopefully that will take them out of the equation. I intend to ping occasionally but probably not after each post, we’ll see and sure I’d be happy to share more stats to tell if it really makes a difference.
      Thanks for following along ladies.

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