Blog Ping Test Results – Week One

blog trafficAs I mentioned in my November 25th post, To Ping or Not to Ping, I will be running a simple little experiment for three weeks to see if pinging my sites after publishing a blog post will have any noticeable impact on the site traffic. Many believe that improves traffic significantly, so we’ll see.

Week One Results

During this first week, I used Google Ping to ping my newly published posts and I posted a video about Google Ping last Tuesday. Now on to the results –

1. How easy they were to use –

Google Ping is super easy to navigate, it’s easy to select the services to ping, and it works amazingly quick – the entire process was completed successfully in less than two minutes.

2. Were there any problems with my site or computer as a result –

Nope, at least not noticed yet

3. Did they have reporting functions –

Nope, nothing but they do have for purchase add-on services

4. The results –

I must say that I did not see any significant increase to traffic by specifically using Google Ping. In my case, there are a couple anomalies going on that I will take into consideration during the entire testing period.

If you have been following along, you know that I converted the Work at Home Marilyn blog to Marilyn Thompson Solutions. All content was cloned and there have been no additional posts to WAH Marilyn. All posts have been published to MTS. I mention this because there is still traffic to the WAH Marilyn site that needs to be calculated in with the Marilyn Thompson Solutions monthly traffic totals.

Total traffic for October = 555 visits (424 new & 131 regular)

Total traffic for November = 635 visits (518 new & 117 returning)

  • An increase of 80 visits (94 new, but 14 not returning)
    On the surface this looks bad, but the spam traffic was increasing on the WAH Marilyn site so the new traffic is deceiving.
  • There were actually only 40 returning visitors to WAH Marilyn but interestingly 50 new visitors & 50 returning visitors to MTS in the two weeks it had existed.

Total traffic for week one test =

56 total visits (26 new & 30 returning) and four blog posts – I’m only looking at the Marilyn Thompson Solutions traffic from here on out.

5. Conclusion –

Well, it’s difficult to say since I merged the two sites, so the next couple of weeks should tell a better story. I am pleased though with the non-spam traffic to the new Marilyn Thompson Solutions site and credit a bundle of those visits to the Article Writing Challenge I participate in.

I will now switch to using Bulk Ping for this next week and I will post a video on using Bulk Ping tomorrow. Then next Monday I will post the results for week two compared to week one – Hope to see you then and in between.

Comment Now –

Marilyn T


  1. I ‘pinged’ along with you and I didn’t notice any significant increase in traffic. I will keep going with it though as it’s only been a week 😀

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. That was interesting. However for me, who is totally not a numbers person, it was not so much confusing as throwing me into overwhelm. I suspect mostly because of the two sites situation. I am interested in your final results in case pinging might work for me. I shall keep following you. Thanks so much for doing all of this leg work for your readers.

    • Hello Rochelle,
      I guess it’s just how that part of my brain works, I sometimes have to mire in the details before I can see the obvious. Sorry to throw you into overwhelm and so glad you are following along. Next week’s post will be so much simpler.

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