Basic Setup Tips for Struggling Online Marketers

Let’s start with a question that we all can answer, and be honest –

marketing disinterestHow many online marketing courses have you been a part of that leave you breathless with excitement, but then all to soon that excitement turns to disinterest and confusion?

That’s a common frustration for many who are trying to learn all they can and get up to speed in online marketing.

There seems to be so many things to learn and to do that the time drain can be huge. Not to mention the drain on your pocketbook. So before you spend another dime let’s take a look at a few basic tips to help you pinpoint your direction.

Setup Tips for Struggling Online Marketers

What do you want most from online marketing?

  • Supplemental income
  • Fulltime income
  • Passive income

Whichever you answered it’s about making money and controlling your own future. As an online marketer you can have the freedom to work from home or anywhere you find an Internet connection. But it’s not a quick & easy business model. It takes serious hard work and dedication – it does not happen overnight.

Anyone who professes that they can help you get there quickly is a scam artist – it’s that simple. My advice to you is to click off their sales page immediately, don’t get hooked by their hype. Simply run away as fast as a race horse wearing blinders.

If you are honestly serious about becoming an online marketer and not simply blogging for fun and friendship then there are a few things you need.

  • Get a computer or laptop that’s the best quality you can afford
  • Sign up for the fastest high speed Internet access in your area that’s reliable
  • Identify your budget because yes, you will need to spend money on must-have resources and services –
    I’m referring to hosting companies, your domain name, WordPress themes and plugins for your website, (start with free tools but you’ll eventually want to upgrade), engage an autoresponder, and purchase quality online marketing courses. You can find a number of links to these services at the end of this article.

When looking into online marketing courses, start at a basic level and check out the comments and reviews. I stand behind the training courses and membership sites I recommend here because of their extreme value for the price. Some courses want you to jump in at the deep end and presume you have the basics already or they simply do not offer enough real training to point you in a profitable direction.

Here are my best words of wisdom for your success –

  • Be patient – success will come but not in a few short days or months
  • Work diligently – learn all that you can absorb but don’t try to learn it all at once
  • Take action – practice what you are taught, put your knowledge into motion
  • Make mistakes – there will be many and that’s okay, just remember to learn by them

The links below are to services I recommend and courses I have personally used and heartedly applaud. If you have questions about any of them, please ask me in the comment section below.

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To your hard-earned success,
Marilyn T



  1. Good, basic information that all newbies should read, and a reminder for those of us who may need it. I like that you don’t just talk about a topic, but you show readers how they can get further information or tools. That must be very helpful for newbies. Great job!!!

  2. Great post! I’m really learning that success builds over time. I’ve eliminated some projects recently, am now just focusing on freelance writing, my freelance writing site, and one other project. I’m having more success than ever since I am much more focused.



    • That’s wonderful Michael!

      It is so very difficult to focus on just a few things, it’s something I still struggle with. Best success to you.

  3. It’s a shame that many people come to the Internet in search of riches and heard somewhere that it”s easy to get started. Its anything but easy!

    You did a great job of explaining what people can expect if they want to be successful in business online. I just hope they follow your example!

    • Thanks so much Bonnie!

      I must admit that I too thought things would come together somewhat sooner than they are, but perseverance is the key if you really want to succeed in this business.

  4. I definitely do want to earn more of an income working from home, but I’ve never thought of online marketing. Something to ponder. Thanks!

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