Are Your Visitors Readers or Buyers?

marilyn thompson solutionsWe all have heard that content is king, that Google loves original content, and that our blog visitors will actually read our content when it talks to them. A simple concept to understand – right?

~ Then why is it so difficult to master?
~ Why do we read article after article to understand how to do this?
~ Is it really so complicated?

Personally, I think we make it far too complicated. I think that many of us
try to write that perfect article instead of writing in the same manner as we talk. Some of us get so caught up in the details of a topic that our writing loses its character and simply does not talk to the audience.

Naturally you need to do your due diligence of learning about your audience. You must search out what they are asking so you can provide the solutions and then you must find the best way to promote the solution you provide. It comes down to –

Delivering the Right Content, to the Right People, at the Right Time

know your audience

The Real Difficulty

As bloggers building businesses as online marketers I believe the difficulty is in identifying whether your audience consists of buyers or simply readers. Trying to sell to readers will get you nowhere. I know – I’ve tried.

When you have identified that you have buyers in your audience then your task becomes that of recognizing what stage they may be in the buying cycle. Very few people want to be sold to. Instead they want to feel good about their purchase which means they need to relate to the reason for the purchase.

This usually does not happen in a blog post that does not tell a story.

Many try to “sell” by telling the reader about the “wonderful” features and benefits of the product or service, assuming that they will simply agree with your writings and make a purchase. Again, I know – I’ve tried.

It’s the “it worked for me – so it will work for you misconception”.

Let’s assume that you actually do have buyers in your audience, I certainly hope I do or I’ve not done my homework very well. When you are promoting a product or service I believe there are three buyer characteristics you need to focus on.  You can address these characteristics in multiple posts or in one targeted posts – it all depends on your audience and what you are promoting.

1 – Problem Recognition

This is definitely the first characteristic of a potential buyer – they must acknowledge that there is a need, problem or question that needs addressing. The person, who hasn’t recognized that they are a bit on the hefty side and should leave the buffet lines behind, will not be purchasing a weight loss product as they don’t see a personal need.
On the other hand, the person who looks in the mirror and sees the reflection of someone needing to lose a few pounds has identified the problematic situation and may be receptive to your pitch. They have recognized the problem.

2 – Facing the Problem Full On

At this point your potential buyer knows there is a problem or need and has come to terms with it. They are in the position of seeking answers and information for finding solutions. During this stage they are more apt to listen and consider what you are promoting.
Now the difficulty here is that many potential buyers stay in this position for far too long, many may simply never move beyond it. This oddly can work two ways – it may mean that they will never buy what you are promoting or they will repeatedly buy many of the items you are promoting.
This is one reason the weight loss business is so lucrative. When presented in a manner the buyer can relate to, they may buy again and again in hopes that this time will be different even though they are no different. Yep, done this one too.

3 – Ready to Tackle the Problem

This is where you wish all members of your audience are – at the ready to make a decision point. They have identified the problem, addressed their options, looked over solutions, and are ready to consider purchasing what you offer.
Ah, to find these glorious people. Let me give this spot a try with you my reading audience who have blogs of your own.

So you have a blog and maybe a few niche sites

Let me ask you –

  • How often to you update your blog?
  • How often do you back-up your blog?
  • Are you confident your hosting provider services will not go down or worse that your site will not be hacked?

Sure, now you’re thinking that you’ve considered all this before and you have systems in place – so you’re safe – without worry.

Are you really?

  • What software do you use to back-up your site?
  • How often do you do so?
  • Does it back-up everything – plugins – comments?
  • Where do you store those back-ups – on the same web host servers?

Let me provide you with an alternative – an alternative that works!

Don’t simply back-up your site and all your hard work – Clone it!

Yep, clone it with WP Twin, the easiest way to keep everything and it does so in minutes. Sure you can do this manually but do you really want to? Do you have the time?

WP Twin will clone everything – every

  • Post
  • Page
  • Permalink
  • Tag and category
  • Setting
  • Theme
  • Plugin
  • Affiliate link
  • And comment

Have a premium theme or a specially designed theme that you paid good money for? Do you want to lose it?

Set up WP Twin to clone your site on a scheduled basis and you have the security of knowing that your blog or website can come back to life, good as new in minutes.

Don’t delay, check out WP Twin – Don’t be sorry.


Where’s your safety net?

~ Marilyn T


  1. Ooh, I love the way you taught about the customer buying cycle then pitched the WP Twin. It was the perfect example to help me grasp your point. Thanks for doing that, Marilyn!
    Avery recently posted…10 Totally Free WordPress ResourcesMy Profile

    • That’s terrific Avery, so glad it helped to paint the picture.

      Off to read your post regarding free WP tools, nothing better than free : )

  2. Given the number of readers I have compared to the number of sales, I know I am not doing things right! Most of the time I treat blogging as more of a hobby than a business. I need to think about this. Thanks for your post.
    Ana recently posted…How To Dress Comfortably But Look SexyMy Profile

    • Hi Ana,

      Blogging for as a hobby can be rewarding but it does take a slightly different angle tomake a dollar or two.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think I’ve struggled with the same thing Marilyn. I was writing for readers not buyers at one point and my income from those niche’s just sort of died…and why I try not to spend so much time on them anymore. Since I realized this, I’ve started writing for buyers and things are slowly heading back in the direction they should be.
    Misty Spears recently posted…Monthly Income Report April 2014 – $466.51My Profile

    • Yep, I think we start concentrating on creating content our readers will find helpful and tend to forget that we can also try making a dollar or two at the same time.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Thanks so much for this post, Marilyn. I have not backed up in awhile either. Looking forward to exploring WPFW Twin.
    Beth recently posted…Day 22 ~ May Is For Metta 2014: Planting Seeds Of Loving-kindnessMy Profile

  5. I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t backed up my blog! I’ll have to check out the site you mentioned.
    Salma recently posted…Banana Muffins (Gluten-free + Dairy-Free)My Profile

    • I’m sure you’re not alone Salma, I initially went for months before even considering a backup plugin and was so pleased when I discovered WPTwin.

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