Are You Sure You Want To Work At Home?

work-life-homeA Series on the Facts about Building a Work at Home Internet Business –

Before making the transition to the home business lifestyle, you need to thoroughly examine the pros and cons of being your own boss. This is the first of a five-part series to help you consider if you really want the work-at-home life.

Like with most things there’s the good side and then there’s the bad side. Before you jump, let’s be sure your eyes are wide open. You see, when I started out I understood that it wouldn’t be an easy road but there are days when it can truly be a struggle.

Would I turn back? Not on your life! I am happy with my choice because it works for me. Would it work for my husband? Nope, not a chance, and that’s probably a good thing because I’m pretty sure we’d get in each other’s way.

Back to the facts – I’ll start with the negative side, to get it all out in the open so you see it exposed for what it really is, and then I’ll tell you the truth about the perks involved.

How many times have you seen pictures or videos on websites with people lying on a beach with their laptop, sipping Margaritas with Jimmy Buffet playing in the background while they check to see how much money they made between lunch and their afternoon siesta?

The reality of that is – yes, with an Internet business you can go anywhere and take your business with you, but do you want to? Whenever you go on vacation, your laptop goes with you – not so you can check your riches, but because there’s no one else to manage your business while you’re gone.

Remember your customers connect with you and when you’re unresponsive, well they may figure they’ve lost you. Don’t risk that!

Everyone immediately thinks about how great it will be to never worry about rush hour traffic again, and how much fun it is to work wherever you want via computer. These are some pretty fabulous benefits but it’s not all perks and profits.

Now don’t let this description of disadvantages scare you into shutting out your dreams before you can weigh the plus side of this equation too. Make sure you keep reading the entire series to the end so that you can make a fair comparison of the ups and downs for yourself.


See you for part 2!

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