Adding Your Affiliate Link to Pinterest

amazon 2Two days ago I talked about Making Money with Pinterest; you can read that post here. Then I showed you How to Set up Your Amazon Affiliate Account. Today I’ll share with you how to add your Affiliate Code to the images you pin in Pinterest.

For simplicity sake I chose to work with Amazon affiliate links although the steps are similar for other affiliates you may have.

First off you need to have a Pinterest account and an Amazon Affiliate account. They’re both pretty easy to set up and once you have an Amazon Affiliate account you can set up multiple tracking IDs to help monitor which of your sites are making money.


Let’s add that affiliate link to your Pinterest images now –

  1. Log into your Pinterest account
  2. Open Amazon in another browser tab, not your affiliate account just the standard

Now log into (upper right corner) with your affiliate access information

amazon log in







  1. Find the Amazon product page for the product you want to promote
  2. You should now see that Amazon Site Stripe along the top menu bar
  3. Click the Link to this page tab
  4. The Customize and Get HTML window opens
  5. Select the Tracking ID you wish to use from the dropdown if you have more than one ID
  6. There are three tabs, Text and Image, Text Only, and Image Only – Choose Image Only
  7.  Customize the link by using a Large Image from the Size dropdown, the image appears in the Preview screen
  8.  The HTML code for the product is listed and automatically embeds your Amazon Associates ID
  9.  Do not highlight the entire HTML code instead grab your mouse curser and select only the text starting with http:// and ending with your Associates ID and paste it into a Notepad document. It will look something like this:

Now go back to Pinterest

  1.  You should still be logged into your account, from the menu at top click Add+ and then Add a Pin
  2.  Open the Notepad document and copy the HTML text, paste it into the http:// box and click Find Images, this may take a few seconds
  3.  If there are multiple images of the product select the best image for promotion and choose the Board you want to pin it to
  4.  Add a bit of text talking about the item and then click the Pin It button

Just like that you have added your affiliate link to your image. Test it out by clicking the image to ensure all went smoothly and the link lands on the correct Amazon product page.


To your success,
Marilyn T





  1. Marilyn, I love your posts and getting a great deal of information from them,I truly admire you as “newbie”, you’ve come so far. I hope to do likewise!

    I have a question to do with adding my Amazon affiliate link to my Pinterest account, some of the Amazon products have only a Text Tab…no image option, so how does one get around that? I’d like t know what you do in that case?

    Your Tiffanyite friend

    Kay Collier
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