Meet Marilyn Thompson

Hello, Marilyn Thompson here, although you will see me sign simply Marilyn T for the most part. I have a couple passions –

A passion for becoming a successful entrepreneur, and a passion for helping you become the blogging entrepreneur of your dreams.

I am absolutely thrilled that you stopped by because we’re going places. Great money making places with our online businesses and great positive places with our lives.

I didn’t initially plan on creating an online business you see it came about after I was laid off from a career of 38 years. After a short time I decided to shake off those “what do I do now” feelings and chose to work for me. Yep, I decided to invest in me and become my own boss.

  • Was I uncertain?  – You bet!
  • Did I wonder where the next paycheck would come from and when it would come in? Indeed!
  • Am I sorry I took the chance? – Not for a moment!

You see that’s when I began to learn everything I could about building a business online, and I am so very glad that I did. This is a great way to earn a fulltime or part-time income.

Now I want to help you. I want to provide you with the tips and tutorials, the resources and solutions for building fantastic blogs whether you’re brand new to blogging and this online business stuff, or you’ve been working at it for a while.

I’ll be your guide for creating a blog that your readers really want to read, for finding your own special audience, and for helping you make money online.

So if you haven’t done so yet, go over there to the right, up a little, and grab your copy of my FREE eBook. If you’re not into free then simply contact me and we can negotiate. (Chuckle)

I’m not a guru, millionaire, or purveyor of secret wisdom. I’m an everyday gal building a writing career and an online business and I am committed to my passion of guiding you to success. I’ve spent a number of years in the corporate world training, guiding, and motivating employees and clients to reach great heights, and I simply love it.

This site is a newbie-friendly zone where I welcome questions of any sort, as the only silly question, is the question not asked. It is also an experienced online entrepreneur zone as I believe there are always lessons to be learned and shared.

If there is anything I can help with just shoot me an email or contact me via my contact page here. I would be pleased to answer any questions privately or as tips and tutorial on this site.

So again welcome, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your online business dreams. We’re going places and it’s going to be fun!


To your hard-earned success,
Marilyn Thompson


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