A Non-Techie Overview of Google Analytics Visitor Stats

Previously we took a look at how to set up a Google Analytics account and where to place the analytics code on your website or blog. Today let’s take a look at the visitor stats you can pick up on through Google Analytics main dashboard. This video simply touches the surface of all Google Analytics has to offer so you may wish to poke around with some of the additional training that Google has to offer.

So grab your notepad or simply log into your Google Analytics account and follow along –

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Marilyn T


  1. Good morning Marilyn! Thanks so much for sharing the video, very helpful information about Google Analytics. I have it installed on all my sites, but I won’t lie, it can be overwhelming to look at it all. Thanks for helping make it a bit more intuitive on the explanation!

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    This video was extremely educational and helpful for me. As always, you explain things so clearly, thoughtfully and well.

    I also see how Google gives more info than the WP Jetpack stats for each day that I have been using. Thank you so much.

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