7 Ways to Support Yourself Financially With Blogging

make-money-bloggingWhen you become a serious blogger and start blogging for profit, you must be consistent with your efforts. You should blog regularly – daily if possible, if not at least several times a week. Your regular followers and dying to read your next post, so don’t keep them waiting.

Let’s now take a look at the money part of this series – the part where your blogging can really become a business and you’ve found a truly satisfying career.

#1 – You’ve heard it before and it is so very true – you must build a list.
It’s no different than with retail store marketing. You shop; they get your contact information, and then they send you information regarding their various special offers and events via email and snail mail.

You build a list from your blog so that whenever you have a new blog post or a product of interest, you can notify them about it. Also have an RSS system set up for people who use RSS feed readers to get notified of your new content.

Whenever you have a list, it gives you a certain amount of power – the power to instantly communicate with your target audience when you are selling or promoting products.

Because of this, you have to make sure that you don’t abuse that power by spamming their email with useless or irrelevant offers. If you do, you’ll build a reputation as a spammer and they’ll say bye-bye and unsubscribe. If this happens too often, you’re back to blogging for fun and not as a business.

Have you joined my list?

#2 – Sell ad space for a certain amount of profits.
You can arrange a specific area of your blog for ad space that people rent on a monthly basis, paying the ad revenue to you directly. This can work very well in narrow niches when the advertiser is a good fit.

If you go this route, make sure you have specifics in place to control what kinds of ads can get placed on your blog – all the way down to the colors and animation of it if you want.

#3 – Sign up for AdSense.
This can help you get clicks and revenue. You can put different sized ad banners on your blog, from buttons to skyscraper ads. You can include images or go with just text. Yes there is a cost involved but sometimes it takes money to make money. I know, I haven’t heeded my own advice on this blog yet – something I guess I need to do.

One thing you have to remember whenever you place any ads on your blog is that yes, it gives you some money but when people leave your site to go somewhere else – they’re leaving, which may mean someone else may be capturing their name and email address and selling something to them, not you. That’s why your list again is all important.onlineincome2

#4 – Promote tangible products as an affiliate.
You can sign up as an Amazon Associate and promote anything sold at Amazon.com and earn commissions.  Using our earlier menopause example from series post #4, if you promoted a chilled pillow, you could earn a commission of each sale when the buyer linked to Amazon through your blog post.

Keep in mind that the commission structure offered by Amazon is quite low, starting at just 4%, so don’t put too much labor into promote low ticket items unless they’re hot sellers.

You can also become affiliates directly through other retailers such as Spirit Halloween or web hosting companies such as iPage, or through affiliate referral programs such as ShareASale, LinkShare, and Commission Junction.

#5 – Promote digital products as an affiliate.
Digital products can be found at sites like ClickBank.com. You sign up with a free account and then get what’s called a hoplink (affiliate link) to add to your blog. You earn a percentage of each sale, commonly around 50% and many also provide banners, email text, keywords, and even auto-responder messages.

#6 – Create your own products.
You really must do this!  Create your own products and selling them from your blog is a great way to boost your income without sharing any of the sale revenue. You can do this as you promote other people’s stuff. Create an info product (eBook, video or audio course) and teach something you blog about in more depth – or in a more comprehensive manner?

#7 – If it’s a good fit for you, offer services from your blog.
Freelance services like writing, creating graphics, or other services can be offered right from your blog. Possibly coaching is something you can offer. Many people pay top dollar for one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype, Google Hang-outs, or even email!

Blogging can be a very fun and very profitable venture if you approach it correctly. Don’t make the mistake of flying by the seat of your pants. If you do this, your blog will be scattered with topics, have no set monetization plan and you’ll end up unhappy with the effort you’ve put in. Trust me, again, been there done that. We all did when we started out.

With proper planning and enthusiasm, you’ll never need to look for “blogging jobs” again – in fact, you might be the one submitting the ads for a professional blogger to come onboard and help you with your content needs because you’re building a professional blogging business!

What have you done to make money with your blog?
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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    I think the key to having success with all 7 factors mentioned above is to provide awesome content for your audience, which is what you are already doing.

    I think blogging is also a platform that you can use to inspire other people. For example, in the Internet Marketing niche, we can blog about our failures and success, and how we overcome obstacles along the way.

    When people see you sharing your journey, it will build trust. When people trust you, they will be willing to buy anything you recommend and hire you as a coach.

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