7 Ways to Kill Your Blog

blog keysboardHave you decided to become what I call a serious blogger, not simply someone who posts for fun about their daily lives and times? Not that there’s anything wrong with blogging simply for fun, it can be a great way to keep in touch and socialize with friends and family.

When you decide to become a serious blogger there are right things to do and naturally there are wrong things to do. I thought today we would take a look at a few of the wrong things to do so that you don’t fall into any of these traps.

My intention is to help you save your blog, but I suppose you could also use these tips if you are bored with your blog and actually wish to terminate it. The choice is yours.

7 Ways to Kill Your Blog


1. Rambling Off Topic

Quality blogs are typically focused on somewhat narrow niches, for example a blog about special effects photography could include a number of how-to articles with examples, but if they tossed in tips on finding the best commercial photographer that would not be on topic as the reader is a DIY photographer.

With my blog here I hope to provide you with helpful tips and resources on the topic of writing, blogging, and building your online business. If I began telling you about how wonderful my dog is and provided tips on how to care for your dog you would begin to wonder why I was so far off topic. If you really want to kill your blog simply start rambling about whatever comes to mind especially if it’s off topic.

2. No Comments Fields

One of the worst things you can do is to not provide a place where your readers can leave comments. If you put forth the effort to write an interesting blog post you simply must provide a means for your readers to leave comments. Personally I simply love getting an email notice that someone has left a comment on my blog.

Similarly, if you do have a comments field after your posts and your readers have taken the time to comment do not ignore them. Ignoring comments is the same as plugging your ears when someone is speaking. It is simply a disservice to your reader, it is disrespectful and a sure fire way to ensure that your reader does not return.

3. Posting Infrequently

Now there is no right or wrong number of articles to post per week, some bloggers post every day, some once a week. The frequency is up to you based on the time you have available for writing. But you must post often enough so that there is something for a visitor to read. Posting just once a month generally sends a message that you are not serious about your blog or your audience.

4. Writing Long, Long Posts

Many bloggers start a blog because they love to write and blogging is a great platform for such, but the length of your blog posts must not be so long as the bore your reader. There are times when a particular topic may require pages of information which is good but not so good if provided in one very long blog post.

Take that content and create a series of articles each linking back to one another to target the key points within your long article. You will find that this will help your article flow much better and also provides you with many days of content. You can also break it into a multi-page post as Cynthia Dixon explains here – How to Add a Page Break within a WordPress Blog.

In the same way, use images and bullet points to break up lengthy text to make it easier to read. Personally I find that shorter is better, a lengthy article will often lose my attention and I will click away before reading in its entirety.

Still with me?


5. In Your Face Colors and Fonts

A well written blog should be complemented with an attractive layout. Using a theme with bright in your face colors or flashy sidebar text is sure to detract from your blog content. The colors you choose should help set the tone for your blog topic and not be obtrusive to your reader.

The same holds true when selecting your fonts. Certainly SEO analysts advise that you should use H1 and H2 font sizes within your post, but you want to use them in moderation. Similarly using two small of a font or a weak color font can make your article difficult to read. Again when it comes to colors and fonts simplicity is best.

6. No Opt-In Form

When you put forth the effort to become a serious blogger you naturally hope that people will follow, and the best way for them to that is by subscribing to your blog. If you do not provide an opt-in form there is no way for them sign up and follow. In essence, you may end up being the only person to read your blog which is a terrific way to send it to its demise.

BTW – as a side note here, if you would like to help keep my blog alive you can use one of the opt-in forms I have provided – that would be pretty cool.

7. No Social Media Buttons

Great bloggers are constantly working at increasing the traffic and growing your audience, one of the best ways to do this is by sharing through social media resources. If someone visits your blog and enjoys what you write you appreciate it when they tell others and share it within social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

If you have not added a social media plug-in or widget to your WordPress blog you are making it difficult for your reader to share your words of wisdom. Limiting your traffic will slowly kill your blog.

Now I presume that you really don’t want to terminate your blog but what other ideas do you have to mention?

Marilyn T


  1. I love your tips! You nailed a couple of my pet peeves. Another one is to make it hard to leave a comment. I hate captcha, get a good spam plugin and that solves that problem.

  2. Regarding number 7, I am doing a tribe building exercise with SITS, and out of 8 sites in out fitness tribe, 2 have no obvious social media follow buttons, and another 2 have them hidden, or don’t have all the sites there. How can people follow you (like your tribe) if they cannot find the buttons? Great info as usual!

  3. I use next page now and then but find most people don’t like reading a post that’s obviously broken up into 2 pages. Most see it as too much to read, but when I posted the entire post (even as long as it was), people DID read it.

    Go figure. 🙂

  4. Great information! Some of those (posting infrequently) are too easy to do! I sometimes catch myself going several days (or even weeks) without posting on my site, which is something I need to fix!


    • Hello Michael,
      As busy as you are, I can see how it’s easy to miss posting to your blog – enjoy reading though!

      Hi Bonnie,
      Personally I agree about the 2-pages looking like an extra long post, that’s why I prefer to run them as a series. I’m venturing that people read your long post because you constantly provide great information.

      Thanks both for commenting!

  5. Great advice Marilyn! Do you have any thoughts on micro niche sites? I’m just starting a micro niche and I’m not even sure if people are doing social media marketing with micro niches since they are so small and unchanging for the most part.

    • Hi Misty,
      I believe the social media connection is vital for all websites, micro niches included. You would be surprised at the variety of FB groups out there and social media can also include targeted forums. I’d at least give it a try as there’s nothing to lose.

  6. I am new to blogging and these are great tips. I need to build up content so I need to concentrate on writing more frequently. I am hoping I am doing most of what you are recommending…trying to anyway. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Great tips and so true. I am still trying different things in mind but I will keep everything in mind what you’ve said. I am posting daily in 2014 as part as the new me 😉

    Thanks again for your post

    • Welcome Liliana and Lauren,
      It’s always nice to see new visitors here! As you build your blogs the best advice I can give you is to understand your focus and try to be consistent as possible. Best of success to you!

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