7 Ideas for Captivating Blog Posts

blog ideasAs a blogger you may face those times when you’re at an impasse for coming up with topics for blog posts. You’re certainly not alone, but let me assure you that as you get more involved in your blog and stay focused on its purpose the ideas tend to flow somewhat easier. You begin to establish content patterns that simply bring themselves to life.

A super method of creating blog posts is by writing a series of posts on one topic, but if you’re searching for individual blog post ideas then I can help. When you find that you’re in a blog idea rut try using one of these seven ideas for generating captivating blog post topics.

Save this list and then spice it up on your blog, but be sure to mix up the variety so that you’re not using the same old approach on each and every blog post.

Top Ten Lists 

Readers flock to top ten lists or just about any number list for that matter. Why do you think Jay Leno stuck with the concept for years – it works! Whatever niches you’re in target the top ten ideas or must-have products that your audience is interesting in.

This can be:

  • Top 10 Toddler Toys
  • Top 10 Plug-ins for the WordPress Blogger
  • Top 10 Secrets of the Wealthy Entrepreneur

Just make sure that it’s something your visitors really want or need.

Tantalizing Tip Lists 

These tips can be found on just about any topic so again they’ll fit whatever niche you’re in. Simply research your topic and then put together a top tip list explaining each one in your blog post.

This can be:

  • 10 Celebrity Tips for No More Bad Hair Days
  • 10 Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Faster
  • 10 Tips to Help You Save Money at the Grocery Store

–     you get the idea

Tip lists just like top 10 lists draw readers in, they’re easy to digest and play into the typical reader’s short attention span. Plus people appreciate helpful information reported in a concise manner.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are also very popular if cover something your audience will find of importance. They’re even more effective if you have personally tried the product and can give your own story or opinions. Be honest and share both the pros and cons and if you have an affiliate link attached, you may score a dollar or two.


Personally I’m not a fan, but rants about certain topics can generate a buzz for your blog. You don’t want to be nothing more than a person who rants all of the time, but if you find something in your niche that needs to be exposed or discussed don’t be afraid to talk about it!

Curate Content

Curated content is something that everyone is bustling about in the blog world. It works best when you use short snippets where you quote or reference something from a magazine, news site, or other blog and then start a discussion about it in your own words on your blog. In this way, it becomes your content and not simply a means of borrowing off others.

Usually, you’ll do something like present a snippet or portion of something someone else created (not a swipe of their material) but a very small piece, with a link back to their site. Add your own observation about it, take a quote from their piece, and link back to the full article.

Listen to Life

This may seem like something out of left field, because when you’re with family and friends you figure you’re not working. But as a blogger your mind is always on the job. Imagine you’re at a dinner party and you hear comments that perk your attention because they sound like they can apply to your niche.

This is how you bring the humanizing factor into play. Simply start by stating something like “Say did you hear about …” and then you add your own sentiments, insights, and even disagreements about the subject matter – if on target it can be golden.


Now don’t throw a towel at me here, but Private Label Rights articles can definitely be your friend and give you great ideas. You’ve heard me mention them here before and I am a total believer. I find them a super method of getting my own brain cells working.

I have a few I go to when I need an idea factory kick-start – they never fail to ignite my gray matter. My favorites are:

PLR Mini Mart
Tiffany Lambert’s massive library of quality articles, eBooks, blog posts, autoresponder emails, and product reviews covering virtually every topic. Subject matter includes handling relationships, WAH, blogging, making affiliate sales, weight loss, healthy eating, dog training, you name it – it’s there.

PLR Productions
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Well there’s the seven, I hope you print, save, or bookmark this list for that inspiration kick start when your ideas are vigorously waiting to be awakened.

Now it’s your turn, what magic idea grabbag do you reach into?

Marilyn T

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  1. I like the idea of listening to life. I like to sometimes write blog posts that relate to something completely irrelevant. I once wrote a blog post about how blogs are like cars, lol 🙂

    Also, top 10 lists, or top 5 or whatever, are always an eye catcher. People love those! 🙂

  2. There’s actually room for improvement on my blog — I don’t have many top 10 lists, if any at all! That’s a good one for me to try. Thanks for the idea!

    Awesome PLR shout out. Thanks girlfriend!

  3. Great list Marilyn! I’m a fan of answering questions on my blog. The problem isn’t ideas, but time!
    Like you, I’m not a fan of the rant. Well, I love a good rant from time to time – but there has to be a point to it. If very post is a rant, it’s a turn off.

    • Hi Jan,

      It’s great that you take the time to answer the comments left on your blog, many don’t do that. I feel it’s extremely important. If someone took the time to comment I certainly have the time to acknowledge, after all that’s what I want them to do. If I leave comments and they’re never acknowledged, I probably won’t return.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Awesome list! I use a lot of these, but I have to say, rants actually tend to be my favorite. They seem to draw in tons of comments.

  5. Great list, Marilyn. I’m pinning for future reference too. We all go through those unproductive periods when we feel we have nothing to say. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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