5 Traits You Must Have to Win in Your Niche

mindsetIt’s no different than identifying the traits of a winning athlete, the traits of successful entrepreneur, or the traits of an engaging apprentice. Each champion, winner, or leader must gain a self-behavioral understanding to dominate their field.

When setting out to start a blog or niche website it is no different, as there are numerous traits that set winners apart from the crowd. We’ve all heard that today it is all about content, quality content, content your reader wants and needs. But how do you know when you are on the right path to finding that content? How do you know when you have gained the appropriate understanding?

First you must recognize that in this business, you should always be eager to learn, you should always be willing to improve on what you think you have mastered as this is an ever changing industry. You must be excited and have an inner drive that demands success.

What makes up this drive? Simply five traits –

5 Traits You Must Have to Win in Your Niche

1. Self-Awareness –

Above and beyond all else you must have self-awareness, you must be able to understand you. Now I’m not saying you need to attend some self-enriching, cleansing seminar, although that can be beneficial. What I’m saying is that you must connect with you, your strengths and your weaknesses.

You are the best resource and ally you have. You are the foundation of your blog or niche website. It is with your knowledge, your fortitude, and your self-recognition that you can build a lofty platform for your readers, followers, and buyers. You must learn to use your strengths and your weaknesses to your business advantage.

It is only when we turn a blind eye or a deaf ear toward self-awareness that we fail. Grasp your strong points and run with them, but do not shy away from your flaws as they may actually show you hidden strengths.

2. Commitment –

Commitment means that you believe – you believe in the niche you have chosen and you believe you can get involved and become a part of its community. You believe you will become a leader in that niche or as they say, an authority.

You must have the dedication, the enthusiasm, the devotion to stay connected to that niche to make it truly work. If not, you become merely a bystander with little to offer your audience. It is when your wrap your efforts around your dedication and inspiration that you will honestly win in your niche.

3. Experimental Aptitude –

You must have the ability and patience to test programs, opportunities, and designs. You must have the capacity and aptitude to try something and not be afraid to alter it or change it. What I mean is just because you love something say for example the look of your website or blog, that doesn’t make it successful at connecting with your audience.

You must listen to your reader feedback and look at what seems to keep their attention. Look at the style of blog posts that get the most visits and the pages on your sites that are frequented. By experimenting with different approaches and a different spin on similar topics you can determine what works the best and it may end up being nothing like what you originally started with.

4. Ability to Listen –

An online business is no different than a brick-and-mortar business when it comes to the ability to listen. Having the ability to listen is not just a matter of being polite, it is also a matter of developing a character that allows you learn. When you listen to what your readers are connecting with and getting involved with you are learning more about them.

This ability to listen also extends beyond your website or blog to those sites that you visit. It is important after reading their content to review the comments that they receive and listen to their audience. You can learn much by how the comments interaction is played out. Typically someone who is connecting with their audience has learned to listen to them and is able to keep the conversation moving.

5. Community –

The fifth trait falls along the lines of keeping the conversation moving by creating a sense of community. A sense of community is formed by interacting with your readers, responding enthusiastically to their comments and questions, and getting involved in the social media avenues and forums that they frequent.

In addition to creating a sense of community you must become involved in the communities created by your potential readers, followers, and buyers. Your interaction will be welcomed and rewarded by new contacts checking out your blog or website which in turn can help to grow your community.

These five traits are traits that set winners apart from the crowd, can you identify with them?

Marilyn T


  1. This is an excellent list! I think commitment is one of the most important, and often the most difficult (for me anyway). I think many people are so close to success when they give up. It is sad.

    Great post as always Marilyn!


  2. I love the way you cast an online business in the same light as any other business. It is easy to feel isolated when you work at home.

    • So glad this article was helpful to you all. Yes, a person can feel isolated when working at home, personally I love it, but you certainly do need to get out and about to stay connected with the every day happenings.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience and insight. Newbies like myself need your wisdom. Great advice.

  4. Couldn’t agree more! Commitment and Community are the two big ones for me and so far from my experiences have been the most critical to what I’m doing. If I don’t commit…I fail. If I don’t interact with my community…I fail. Awesome guide here Marilyn! Thank you.

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