5 More Secrets You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

blog secretsWe return once again to continue our list of the secrets you should know before starting a blog. Blogging can play a vital role in driving traffic to your offline business and it can become a major component of your online business. It’s all about implementing tasks and features that work.

If you’ve been planning to start a blog and just haven’t taken action or you have a seasoned blog that needs resuscitating, these five tips will reveal the secrets for creating successful blogs. Are you ready?

5 More Things to Know to Start a Blog Today

If you missed reading the first five secrets click here just be sure to come back to read all ten. All ten represent the must-have ingredients that I feel every blog should have. I’d enjoy hearing if you agree or if you have any other tips to add.

Study Your Competition

There is much you can learn by checking out the competition especially when you’re somewhat new to the blogging game. Bloggers who have had their sites for some time or may have had a number of blogs can be great resources as they have been through their own trials and tribulations.

drilling down nicheThere is a reason why their blogs look fabulous and make them money, and why they have a list of followers. They experimented and learned along the way, so learn from their experiences.

  • Check out their blog format and styling.
  • Notice the placement of ads, social media buttons, and opt-in boxes.
  • Check out the wording they use in their sidebar widgets.
  • Do a little backwards investigating to search out the keywords and SEO tactics they use.

There are a couple of free tools that can help –

What WordPress Theme is That – simply type the URL of any site into the search box and the program will display the WordPress theme used and any plugins installed. There are links to the theme and plugins so that you research them yourself.

SEO Quake – this is an extension add-on for Firefox that can provide you with a toolbar for discovering all kinds of information on competitor sites. It will pull data about the sites –

  • Meta keywords and description
  • Number of internal and external links while noting any no follow links
  • Their ranking stats
  • Keyword density – this is your pay dirt as it shows the keywords they target as single words and multi-word phrases

Just remember when investigating your competition not to critique your site as good or bad compared to theirs. Many become too critical of their own blogs and figure they simply aren’t good enough and quit. Don’t you ever do that! Your site comes from you and must reflect all that energy and love you have for making it work. It is not about winning gold stars.

500 Words is Not Enough

You’ve probably heard over and over that good blog posts in order to rank in the search engines must have between 400-500 words of quality content. Well I’m going to tell you that those short posts are not enough. Don’t have time to write longer posts, then outsource the content, just make sure it is good content.

When you start writing to solve your reader’s problems or answer their nagging questions then short posts usually aren’t enough. You must provide enough content to fully address the topic so that they find it beneficial and worthy of sharing. That is how you build a following.

Your blog posts should discuss & solve problems, show your personality, contain images, and connect with your readers (Tweet this)

Make Connections

make connectionsIn the same manner as networking at offline business events, you need to network online too. You need to create an online presence and you do that by interacting, commenting, and getting involved.

Find similar blogs in your niche and leave sincere comments in their blog posts. Don’t simply say something like “nice post, thanks”. Leave a comment that shows that you actually read their post and they may reciprocate by reading your blog post.

Take part in the forums asking questions and providing answers when you can. Write a blog post addressing a problem or solution found on the forum and then add your helpful response with a link back to your blog post.

Join Facebook groups of like-minded or like-interest people. This is a super avenue for reading a variety of blogs and writing styles, and finding new connections. Take part in discussions within the group and leave mindful comments on member blog sites.

Build Your Brand

build your brandNow as a newbie blogger this is like learning a foreign language. You’re probably thinking how in the world you’re going to brand yourself – after all you’re no corporation. But it’s not that difficult. It does take time and it does take effort, but anyone can do it.

You don’t need to be concerned about logos and fancy graphics when first starting but you should give good hard thought to what/who you want to be known as. Your brand comes from identifying the goals of your blog, come to terms with what you want to be known for and your writing becomes easier.

Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon describes a person’s brand “as that which people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  Choose something you are passionate about, that you can monetize, and post frequently and your brand will take shape as you show yourself to be authentic.

Keep an Eye on Trends & New Horizons

Change is inevitable, we all change, everything changes, the Internet world constantly changes, the difference between having your blog alive and well tomorrow is to progress with change.

  • Stay aware of new ideas and innovations in your niche and online in general.
  • Follow trends in social media so that you can adapt your language or writing style to move with your audience.

Check out your niche and smaller segments of your niche in Google trends and Alexa ranking to try to get a feeling for any changing directions or new opportunities. New horizons hold promises of new ideas and renewed energy, let them propel your blogging talents to greatness.

The greatest challenge for bloggers is not to be nostalgic but instead to be trend setters  (Tweet this)

Have you read both parts 1 and 2? If not, click here to read 5 Secrets You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

Do you agree with my second five tips and still have more to add?
I’d enjoy hearing from you.
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Marilyn T


  1. I love the idea of thinking about your Brand. This is what I am slowly trying to discover.
    Victoria Virgo recently posted…10 Steps To Setting Up an Opt-In GiftMy Profile

    • Hi Victoria,

      I don’t think many of us think about branding until we get a good grasp of our purpose, then it all seems to fall together so much easier.

  2. I recently changed things on my blog and they helped increase subscribers. I still have TONS of work to do on it, but finding the time and to continue my current writing schedule seems to clash. 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…Exercise and Juicing – Week #2My Profile

  3. Great tips Marilyn. I’m still working all this out despite starting over a year ago 🙂
    Ana recently posted…Top Ten Worst Dating TipsMy Profile

    • I figure our blogs are always a work in progress, Ana. I’ve seen some very accomplished bloggers change pretty much their entire site many months into their blogging careers.

      Take care!

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