4 Tips for Creating Commanding Headlines That Sell

headlinesYour blog headline should not simply be the title of your blog – it should say “Read Me Now!”

Well not literally, but remember that you have mere seconds to capture a reader’s attention.  One of the single most powerful tools you have to accomplish this task is your headline.  A compelling and selling, headline is essential so allow me to provide four little tips.

1. Capitalize On Your Readers’ Emotions

Psychologists, researchers, and successful marketers acknowledge that buying decisions are frequently based first and foremost on our emotions. So use headlines that offer your readers a strong emotional benefit or reaction.

Use headlines like –

  • The Shocking Truth About (xxx)
  • This is the Hidden Secret to Retiring Early
  • This 20-Minute Step Will Make You a Business Genius

Try to tap into the reader’s emotions to get them to act by making them feel:

  • Attractive or Sexy
  • Smart and Respected
  • Assertive and Confident
  • Energetic and Encouraged
  • Powerful and Successful
  • Give them a sense of belonging
  • Make them feel in control of their own destiny

2. Make the Headline Active

Make your headline compelling by using active language – language that shows movement and commands attention.

Use headlines like –

  • Conquer Your Sugar Cravings With This Simple Step – Conquer depicts action and shows power.
  • How Safe Is Your Child From (XXX)?
  • Do You Make These 7 Blogging Mistakes?

3. Let Your Reader Know “What’s In It for Them”

You’ve heard it before – put yourself in your reader’s shoes and let them know “what’s in it for them”. Express how they will benefit or what they will gain.

The word YOU is a very powerful word. It says to your reader that you’re talking specifically to them and that you’re interested in solving their problems and helping them achieve their wishes.

Use headlines like –

  • Yes, You Can Earn $1000 a Day
  • This New Program Guarantees You’ll Earn $1000 a Day
  • Do You Want to Earn $100 a Day?

4. Borrow from the News Headlines and Celebrity Actions

News headlines and events can provide great material for headlines especially if it coincides with the focus of your blog or website. Plus we all know that just dropping the name of certain celebrities is sure to get attention.

Use headlines like –

  • Why the St Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox are Seeing Red
  • Twitter Your Business to Success Like Richard Branson
  • Money Saving Tips William Buffet Only Shares with His Family

commentThe intent is to grab the reader’s attention to make them take action but not to be scammy. There’s a fine line between the two and the difference is delivered in your content. If you grab attention with a super headline but don’t deliver content the reader can use or find value in, you will lose them in a second.

Naturally you want to stay on the topic of your blog so search around for ideas that may fit your niche and subject matter. For example, if you have a child focused website on maybe “improving parenting skills” or “raising smart kids” some news stories may provide headline clues. Today there was yet another school shooting so your headline might read – “7 School Safety Tips from Worried Parents”.

This headline grabs attention based on the emotions of fear, hope, and love and if followed with truly useful tips and content then it provides value to the reader.

What are some commanding headlines you have used?   

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Marilyn T


  1. I need to create a step by step process to go through for my blogposts to make sure I cover all the bases! Thanks for these great tips, Marilyn

  2. Great resource Marilyn and some excellent examples. I’m going to share this one on Facebook. I have to admit I don’t always work as hard on my headlines as I should!

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