3 WordPress Editing Tips You Need to Know

Wordpress WednesdayToday we make a visit to our WordPress Wednesday series and take a look at three WordPress editing tips. I love working with the WordPress platform as it’s so amazingly easy to use, it acts much like a word processing document, you don’t need to learn HTML code to use it (although it’s good to have a few of the basics down), and customization methods seem never ending.

Many people dive right into creating content in WordPress and don’t realize that they may be missing some of the slightly hidden editing features. So today I wish to bring to your attention a few WordPress tips to help with your editing and possibly even help you create your blog posts faster.

3 Very Cool WordPress Editing Tips

Finding the Toolbar Toggle

Have you found the toolbar toggle button? I must admit when I first started blogging I didn’t take the time to give WordPress a full tour and actually stumbled upon this when watching one of those over-the-shoulder tutorials. I saw that their toolbar had more icons then mine so I investigated why.

What I found is affectionately called the “Kitchen Sink” or more technically the toolbar toggle button. When you are in the Add New Post area of your dashboard, this is what the toolbar looks like when not expanded –

WP toolbar 1

And this is what the toolbar looks like when it is expanded –

WP toolbar 2

Notice that you now have a second toolbar line and access to a variety of tools that allow you to configure your text, change color, adjust formatting, and learn about keyboard shortcuts.

Bonus Tip: Have you discovered the “Read More tag”? When you’re reading the intro paragraph of a blog post and see the words in parentheses stating something like “read more”, that’s there because of the more tag. It’s the icon just to the left of the “kitchen sink” icon.

Keyboard Shortcut Secrets

Have you clicked on the little button to the far right of the second toolbar line that looks like a help icon? What a hidden treasure of keyboard shortcuts. When you click on it a popup window will open looking a bit like this.

WP keyboard shortcuts

Isn’t that cool? The actual listing is much longer than what I can display in this screen capture. I’m sure you already use the Control + C, Control + VV, and the Control + B shortcuts for copying, pasting, and bolding, but some of these others may come in handy to as quick time savers.

Bonus Tip: Did you know that when you hold down the Shift + Return keys you create a single line break and not a paragraph break?

Schedule Your Blog Posts

It can be rather laborious to create your blog posts on a daily basis and sometimes your schedule just doesn’t make it possible, so the solution . . . . . is to schedule them.

  • Go ahead and create your blog posts when the creative juices are flowing
  • Set them up within WordPress as new posts
  • Save in draft mode and preview your fabulous work
  • Then schedule when they will be published.

Over there in the upper right corner where you saved your post in Draft mode is the Publish button. (Yes, I know you know that.) When you click the blue “edit” text next to the word Publish the Schedule fields open.

schdule a WP post

Simply set the date and time using military time (2:00pm is 14:00) for when you want your blog post to be published and click the gray OK button. When you do the “Publish immediately” text changes to “Schedule for” and will show the date and time you set. Click the “Schedule” button and you’re good to go.

You can have a full week’s worth of blog posts ready to go with one day’s worth of work. I advice that you take a look at each blog post once it goes live to make sure everything looks as you intended. Every so often the Internet gremlins go to work altering your masterpieces. So in wrapping up –

Have you found these tips helpful? If so, share the love.
Do you have any other tips that you could share with us?
Do you have any questions you would like to see me answer in the next issue of WordPress Wednesday?

To your hard-earned success,
Marilyn T


  1. I have been using WordPress for about 6-7 years now, but I haven’t used shortcuts yet. They are really useful to edit posts faster. Thanks for the tip.

    • Welcome Scott, So nice to see a new visitor and very glad I could help.

      Interesting website you have there with the classified topics.

      Drop by again soon.

  2. Great tips Marilyn! In all the time I have been using WordPress, I have never clicked that help icon thing and was blissfully unaware of many of those short cuts! You can teach an old dog new tricks lol
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Google My Business – Goodbye Google PlacesMy Profile

  3. The scheduling feature I didn’t learn about until quite a bit after I started blogging but oh my goodness since finding it…it seriously has saved my sanity. Some of my niche sites are a week or more ahead and it lets me write when I have time instead of just the night before.
    Misty Spears recently posted…Monthly Income Report May 2014 – $1,343.12My Profile

    • Yeah the scheduling feature is great, just remember to check out the posts as I’ve had images not stayed placed correctly and my opt-in totally disappear.

  4. Great tips Marilyn. I puzzled about the toolbar too because I mostly use the Text view. Code doesn’t scare me too much though because I was a programmer in my first job after college.
    Ana recently posted…17 Tips For Dating Again After A Breakup Or DivorceMy Profile

    • Oh I would never have started in the text view early on as it look so foreign to me since I’m not a programmer. But I took a couple HTML courses and can now fuddle my way through it.

  5. Excellent pointers – it took me a while to find the toolbar toggle when I first started using WordPress.
    Victoria Virgo recently posted…Time to Make Money with Halloween Niche SitesMy Profile

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