3 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog Posts

engaging-contentToday I want to share with you three straight forward ways to get your blog read. Now I don’t mean merely skimmed, I mean truly read – yep all the way to that last word where of course you thank your reader for sticking with you all the way to the end. After all that’s really why you’re writing blog posts isn’t it?

Now I understand that I’m taking a pretty big chance here. I mean if you choose not to read to the end of this post, well then I guess I failed at implementing my own advice. But if that’s your inclination then I have just one request please. Click here first to tell me why you felt the need to click away.

You’re still here. Oh good, it gets rather lonely, not to mention a waste of time to simply be writing for my own enjoyment. Thanks for having faith in me, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s get into the meaty part of this post and why you’re still here.

3 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog Posts

1. Write Creatively and Friendly

Did you figure I was going to start by saying that you needed to create a captivating headline? Well you’re absolutely right that you certainly need that but really the only thing a captivating headline does is to encourage the reader to click. It doesn’t guarantee that they will read your entire blog post.

I’m also going to presume that you understand that you must write engaging content on topics of interest to your reader but if you like you can read more on that subject here – How to Write Super Star Blog Content Create Compelling Content.

  • Remember you’re writing blog content not a college thesis. You can give all that English sentence structure stuff up and write like you’re talking to your reader. Write in a manner that is friendly and inviting – you know, as comfortable as sitting in your sweat pants and t-shirt.
  • Don’t forego proper spelling and grammar though, you’re writing an authoritative blog post not texting. Respect the intelligence of your reader and choose your words properly but remember they will be reading on the web and that means they will be reading quickly.
  • If you’re writing a lengthy post, shorten it and make it a blogging series. This will also encourage your readers to return. Also consider starting with your conclusion. No not the part where you thank them for reading and stopping by, but the summation of the point of the post – the part that wraps up your topic in a couple sentences and then follow that with your supportive comments.
  • Let me paint that picture. I’ve told you the point of this article – “demonstrating how to get people to read your posts” – now I will follow with more detailed methods on how to do that.

2. Make Your Content Visually Appealing

boring contentUse images and pictures if they pertain to your topic to spit up long articles. It gives the reader something pleasant to look at and depending on the image may enhance a point you are trying to make.

Break up your text into short paragraphs usually no more than three or four lines which can mean only two or three sentences. Use subheadings to perk up the points you want the reader to focus on. This also tells them where you are going and why they should stick around.

Depending on the theme you use set these subheadings in bold or as H2 text. You don’t want them to be invasive but you do want them to stand out and get noticed. Some themes make the H2 text far too large so you may opt for H3 text, test this out individually.

Again depending on your theme choice, it may be more effective to change the font color of the subheading – not the font but the font color. Simply changing the subheading to a dark gray rather than black may be all that is needed to make it attract attention.

3. Bullets and Numbers are Your Friends

  • Interestingly there have been tests conducted that indicate that adding bullets to your text leads the reader in a somewhat step by step manner through your article. They work to tell your reader where to go next and what it is that you really want them to gain from your article.
  • Bulleted and numbered text is quick and easy to read. The layout stands out from standard text and says to the reader “hey, over here look at me”. It also gives them a break in reading the article as they make for easier reading rather then long, boring sentences.
  • This brings me to the point that bulleted and numbered text doesn’t need to be complete sentences. Actually, it often works better if the wording is stated more like statements. Again, forget what your English teacher told you and write for your reader.

So there you have it and looky there you’ve read to the end of my post. I hope you didn’t simply jump down here to the end : ).

Thank you for taking the time from your busy day to read my entire post, it would be terrific if you shared it too.

What did you find the most helpful?

Marilyn T


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  1. Marilyn,

    What a great article! I love your writing style – very articulate, informative, and friendly. You made some great points. I’m learning to break my paragraphs up and use shorter sentences.

    Writing really is an art form and blogging isn’t just throwing words on a screen. It does take a bit of finesse, but also friendliness.

    I’ve share this post and will refer back to it.


  2. Quick reads (and interesting to boot) are the best kind of blog posts. I’m never bored when I come to your blog, Marilyn. You have a great writing style and your posts are educational to boot!

    A great combination!

  3. Great reminders! Really enjoyed the images as well.

  4. Thank you for the tips! I do my best to keep my posts short but there are times when a topic just cant be contained in a single post. I will remember to try the series if I need to.

    • Hello welcome,
      I like writing a series of posts as often when I start one article it gets far too lengthy, much like this one. So glad this was helpful!

  5. Thank you for more great advice! I am going to pin this one to my blogging board so I can share your wisdom with my Pinterest followers. I agree it is so important to write like we are talking to our readers.

    • Hi Jen,
      Glad this post was worthy of pinning, thanks! I started out writing in a very structured manner and found I really was not having fun, it was more like work. Now I simply try to add my own voice and touch to each topic and it is much more enjoyable.

  6. Marilyn, I always love your articles! This was a great one today. Thank you!

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