3 Simple Steps to Write Blog Headlines That Convert into Dollars

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Yesterday, my post titled “4 Tips for Creating Commanding Headlines That Sell” talked about creating powerful headlines to intrigue your reader to take action. Today we will continue that topic by looking at:

3 Simple Steps to Write Blog Headlines That Convert into Dollars

Step 1:

Get to know your audience intimately. What are their hopes, dreams, desires, and problems?  Get to know their pain points. Not as in hurtful pain but in the searching for answers kind of pain.

For example, do they need help with WordPress, are they looking for affiliate marketing tips, do they need financial advice? Find what it is that they are in need of and drill it down.

For example with financial advice – someone looking for the best investment tips in a bad economy is not necessarily the same person looking for ways to scrimp and save on the weekly groceries.

Understanding your audience will help you create an emotional and powerful headline directed specifically at your audience.

Step 2:

Determine how your products or services are going to make your prospects’ lives better or solve their problems. Providing your reader with the tips and resources for to aid their learning or to provide answers to nagging questions, will make your site a sought after discovery.

For example if you sell fitness equipment and your audience struggles with feeling attractive then you can create a headline that highlights a specific benefit your fitness equipment offers to solve that problem.

Something like “Tired of Flabby Underarms?” or “Joint Pain Keeping You From Exercising?”

Both of these headlines attract the reader’s attention by identifying their pain point or problem. Then your job is to provide the solution in your blog post content.

Step 3:

Write four or five possible headlines to find the headline that works best. Not only will this give you practice writing compelling headlines, it will help you hone in on that perfect headline.  When you think you have a few winners then give them a go to find out which headline is more effective.

Your headline can be the most import element of any effective blog or marketing piece. Take the time to craft a compelling and selling headline and you’ll happily reap the benefits.

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Marilyn T


  1. I certainly believe the headline is worth spending time on. Papers and magazines spend time on it, and for good reason!

  2. Great headline tips Marilyn – headlines are never my strong point!

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